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A Good Guide on Wedding Videographers

hey there! congrats on getting married now!

A wedding is the most awaited day in the life of a person. All girls dream of how their wedding day will be and arrange everything in their minds so many times before the day reaches. The men want it to be as spectacular just to make their better halves happy. When the day reaches and everything is perfect, capturing it all is of much value in keeping the memories of a great Singaporean wedding. Nothing rejuvenates an old marriage than watching the video of one’s wedding which brings back sweet memories of exactly what you felt on that day. However, only choosing the very best Singaporean wedding videographer can guarantee that you will have great quality videos and still photos that will definitely pass the test of time.

Tip: Here is a list of good ideas you can use it to take a good Singaporean Wedding videography.

The budget is the most important consideration. It will determine the videography services you can afford and the wedding video style too. While planning for your wedding, some amount of money will need to be set aside for videography services. This should be a considerable amount but it should never step a cent away from the total budget lest you end up in financial crisis on your big day. When looking for the services of videographers, one must bear the budget in mind and consider how much each charges for different video packages. Quality should however not be compromised and so setting aside a high amount for videography is ideal.


Before deciding on using the services of a videographer, he/she must provide you with sample clips so you can be assured of quality work and have an overview of how your videos and photos will be like. It is advisable to look at several clips of differing dates of shooting so you are sure that the videos will not lose quality with time.


Timeline For Your Wedding Preparation

Wedding is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone. But because everyone is doing it for the first time, they tend to get flustered. Now, read on to better break your time up, do not worry!

10 Months Before Your Wedding

When you go for appointments like wedding gown trying, be sure to bring the necessary accessories like heels, suitable undergarments so that when you try on, you can visualize your actual day’s attire etc. Take note on the type of wedding gowns you like. If not, you should try on new ones until you find a few selected ones that you really like.

7 Months before Your Wedding

7 months may sound very long but take it from me, it is not. By now you should have tried on enough gowns to have a few choices of what you want. Try on the gowns until you find the one that you want to conclude, after all you are paying for it and you are the customer.

wedding.. once in a lifetime
Choose on what you want and be clear minded: don’t let your relatives, mom or friends tell you which is nicer. Choose the one that you really like and look good in it.
Start looking for wedding venues and favours as well.

4 to 6 Months before Your Wedding

By now you should nail down the venue and theme for your wedding. These will then get you to prepare the wedding invitation cards and wedding favours.

Also, if you are going to be on a diet, do it now. It is an ample time to cut down and lose some weight or if you are already at the desired weight, you should try to maintain it and not gain or lose more.

2 Weeks before Your Wedding

Schedule a time to your bridal studio and try on your wedding gown. You may have lost weight and the gown may not fit you like before. Take note to alter and maintain at your desired weight for now.
Bring your accessories and heels a long, now is the time to see what you will look like on the actual day.

1 Week before Wedding:

The final countdown begins. Relax yourself and do not stress yourself too much. Everything should be fixed and settled more and less and enjoy your upcoming big day. The couple should not be busy doing chores and mindful about the wedding gowns now. Relax and enjoy!