Average Apartment Cost in San Antonio

San Antonio is a beautiful Texas city that not enough people see the value in.  From the breathtaking riverwalk to the quick access to Six Flags, anyone who visits this city will instantly fall in love.  Unfortunately, living here isn’t cheap.  If you’re interested in renting in San Antonio and aren’t sure what that would look like for you, here’s what you should know.

The Cost Depends On Where You Are

As with any city, the cost of living in San Antonio goes up the further into the city you go.  Everyone wants to live where the music is hot, and the food is incredible, and unfortunately, that means that in some parts of the city, the rent can double what it is on the outskirts.

If you’re trying to save money when moving to San Antonio, consider moving to the city’s outskirts and then driving in for fun and work.  Although this means that you’ll have to deal with traffic, it can save you thousands of dollars a year. Check out San Antonio market trends to know the current rental prices of apartments in the city.

How Many Rooms Do You Need?

The jump between one-bedroom to two-bedroom apartments in San Antonio isn’t huge: but trying to get a three-bedroom may break the bank.  Consider how much room you need to be happy.  Although if you live alone, you may want an office and a guest room separate from your bedroom, this is a cost that many can’t afford to take on.

An average two-bedroom in San Antonio or cedars at ellington houston tx is between $1,200 to 1,500 dollars, but a three-bedroom can go up to $2,000 easily.  If you don’t need that extra space, consider sticking to a two-bedroom to save yourself the money.

Renting Is Far Better Than Buying Right Now

The housing market in San Antonio is wild right now.  Many people are trying to scoop up houses as quickly as possible, and there aren’t enough homes on the market to accommodate this.  Because of this, the cost of housing has skyrocketed, making it nearly impossible for most people to afford to buy.  This means that renting is the only clear option.  Fortunately, that means that renters can save up and wait until it turns around into a buyers’ market.

You Can Make It Affordable With Roommates

If you felt a little sticker shock at the idea of a $2,000 per month three-bedroom apartment, you’re not alone.  Instead of taking that on by yourself, consider finding a roommate.  Nearly 38% of people in San Antonio currently live with a roommate or have a shared housing situation.  Although moving in with someone else can be stressful, you can make an awesome living situation out of any home if you find the right roommate.

San Antonio Is Worth the Expense

Above all, what you’re getting in San Antonio is an amazing city full of incredible people.  There’s nothing better than getting to know the area, learning about the delicious food, and spending time in the beautiful architecture this city has to offer.  Although San Antonio is expensive, it’s worth every cent.

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