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According to an analysis done by Deloitte India, the predicted growth rate for the online gaming industry till 2022 is 40%, with approximate aggregate revenue of $2.8 billion, which was only $1.2 billion in 2019. One evident reason behind this increasing popularity of online gaming is the global pandemic as the population was limited to all things online, from basic groceries to activities to kill time.

It has been noted that the lockdown period alone in 2020 resulted in a massive 21% growth for the online gaming industry, as the number of hours spent playing games online increased to a minimum of 4 to 5 hours.

Gaming in India

The global pandemic proved to be a blessing for the online gaming industry as the number of users went by approximately 50% post covid announcement.

But did you know that one of the most popular games that were most actively played online was rummy? And no, not just in India, but on a global level as it is one of the most interactive card games to play online. And the platform that is garnering a lot of popularity as two of the best online rummy gaming applications are Junglee Rummy and GetMega.

According to research, one of the most evident reasons behind this increasing user interaction on platforms like Junglee Rummy and GetMega is the no age barrier. Any gender of any age group can easily play online rummy and win exciting prizes. Let us discuss in detail all about the online platform Junglee Rummy and why it is one of the best ones out there.

What Is Junglee Rummy?

If you are a frequent online gamer, you must have come across a popular rummy game website/application called Junglee Rummy and GetMega. It is a unique user interface platform that offers an environment for gaming at both two-dimensional and three-dimensional rummy tables. You can play from any part of the country and improve your rummy skills or put them to the test and win real cash prizes along with a list of other gifts.

Up until 2021 January, the game had 25 million registered active users. It is not just basic rummy game offerings on the platform, as you can play a variety of rummy tournaments, both free as well as cash ones.

Top Feature of Junglee Rummy

Given the high number of users on this Rummy platform, it is evident that it has a range of unique features that make it popular amongst online rummy players. All the players on the platform are real people as the app is designed in a manner that blocks out any suspicious activity on an account, ensuring only real authentic rummy players register and win. Let us discuss one of the most popular ones below-


The biggest key feature of the Junglee Rummy and GetMega platforms is their assorted leaderboards of the applications that have three separate sections known as the superstar for weekly gains, the megastar for monthly gamers, and the all-star leader board for daily gamers updates. This is one of those features that stands out the most to all the users as they get their required validation, which further keeps them interested in the game and competitions.

Top Feature of Junglee Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular games that we play online.

The developers of this online platform have allotted a certain winning amount for each of the three sections of the leaderboard and the amount is disbursed based on the participant rankings. Additionally, each section also has a different category of entry eligibility, game period, prizes for the month, and winners of the month. To enter any of the leaderboards of Junglee Rummy and GetMega, you need to ensure you meet the required eligibility criteria mentioned against each, to increase your qualification possibility and winning chances greatly.

Gaming Procedure

So, when it comes to winning on the Junglee Rummy or GetMega platform under its different leaderboards, you need to understand the entire gaming etiquette to give yourself the edge among the other rummy players on the platform. The basic requirement to keep going forward on this platform is to keep upgrading your existing level by winning tickets. Once you register as a rummy player, you need to participate and win, while using a variety of boosters available on the Junglee Rummy and GetMega platforms to enhance your overall rummy game.

All different types of rummy games are available on the platform to ensure each player who registers has something but catches their attention. However, you need to ensure that you know how to play a particular rummy variant of your choice before joining the game. The list of different rummy games available on both the Junglee Rummy and GetMega platform includes the following-

  • Regular tournaments
  • Rapid/quick tournaments
  • Rummy game of 13 cards
  • Rummy game of 21 cards
  • Game with points
  • A pool

Need more reasons to Join Junglee Rummy?

If you are still not convinced to give Junglee Rummy and GetMega and their unique leaderboards a chance to maximize your winning, there is much more than the platform offers to ensure the users have a seamless experience while playing and also earn as much as possible, through incentives.

When you sign up with the platform or application, you will receive a bonus for the same known as the welcome bonus. It comes in the form of a code and allows you to start with a bonus amount to win better.

Along with the signup bonus, you also get a referral reward. Whenever you refer your family members or friends to join the platform, you and your friends both enjoy a range of rewards and benefits that can aid their rummy game tournament performance on Junglee Rummy.

Overall, the gaming industry is going headstrong towards complete digitization and completely secured from cyber attacks and it is for the same reason that platforms like Junglee Rummy and GetMega are getting popular on a global level. Get your family members, like your mother, to join the platform to enjoy a rummy card game with other competitors and make some money while putting her age-old card game practices to use. Jump on the bandwagon before it is too late and get yourself some extra pocket money by winning one of the most interactive card games available today.

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