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Facebook Update, Facebook add Animating Reactions

Facebook Update, Facebook add Animating Reactions

Facebook Update, Facebook add Animating Reactions

Facebook recently rolls out an interesting Facebook update to the official Facebook app and the Facebook web.
The update which was released around yesterday and today according to the location you might be.

Facebook has been recently rolling pout some updates on it Facebook lite version and Facebook app.

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One of the recent update they pished out in its Facebook lite is the change in the App UI.
There is a complete change in the Facebook Lite App UI, the most buttons in it are now small and shiny more than before.

Facebook app no longer displays the size of a video before trying to play it.
Not like before that it displays the video size. Now it looks the Instagram video. and many other features they pushed to Facebook lite.

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One of the feature Facebook is rolling out is the Facebook Facial recognition which allows you to be notified when someone uploads your picture or uses it as profile picture.

You don’t need to be tagged before you will be notified. Amazing, Isn’t it. At least, this will help to reduce fraud and online impersonation.

Facebook Reaction Update

Facebook Reactions

The Facebook animation works when you hold the Like button, it will pop up an animating reaction, then you can use the one you want.

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if these features are not showing on your Phone, you may consider updating your app to enjoy the Facebook latest Updates and features.

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