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How To Root Motorola G5S Plus

How To Root Motorola G5S Plus

How To Root Motorola G5S Plus

Rooting Android phones that are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon are usually stressful and hard.

Most of them come with a locked bootloader and tampering bootloader will wipe everything on the phone.

It is better to always backup your phone to an SD Card or PC before performing a kind of rooting on your phone.

TWRP For Cubot X18

For you to be able to root your phone, there are some certain files that you need to have.

  1. Android ADB Driver for Windows
  2. TWRP for your phone.
  3. Latest USB Drivers for your phone.
  4. Magisk.
  5. ADB Fastboot Files
  6. Magisk Manager.


Android ADB Driver for Windows.

TWRP Motorola G5S Plus Motorola Device Drivers ADB Fastboot Files Magisk v14.0 ADB Fastboot Files

After downloading all the required necessary files, wait, don’t extract them yet. We will take them one after the other.

How To Root Hisense F20 and Install TWRP

Extract TWRP, after extracting it, renames the IMG file to a simple name like recover.img.

To make things little easier, I like extracting the essential files to my user folder.

The reason why I did that is not for it not to confuse me while using the windows command prompt.

Extracting it to others folder is also good but using the windows CMD might be hard for you to locate the destination folder.

How To Root Gionee S6s and Install TWRP

The major files and folder that I extract to user folder is an image file and ADB Files.

Others can be extracted to the download folder or compressed folder if you are using IDM.

So, Extract the files to your desired folder and take note of them.

Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking options to through the settings.

How to Root Condor Plume P7 Plus, and Flash TWRP

You can do that by going to your settings and going to your developers’ tab and tick those options.

When you extract the files above, install the windows drivers and your phone drivers too. Make sure that their installation is successful.

Unlocking Your Phone.

Unlock Motorola Bootloader
Warning Unlocking Motorola Bootloader
This is the geeky part of the job but it’s quite easy.

How To Root Gionee A1 Lite

Before you can unlock any Motorola Phone, you will need to have an account with them on their developers’ site.

Having an account there will help you to send your bootloader to them for unlocking. So before you can proceed further, you will need to go to Motorola developers site and create an account.

How to Root Huawei Honor 9

I will recommend you to have a WiFi or a modem connected to your pc to avoid interruption while performing some certain things on your phone.

Go the website and create an account. After creating the account,  head over to Your Windows PC command prompt and type fastboot oem get_unlock_data.

Switch off your phone and put it fast boot mode.

How To Root Nokia 8

Before you put your phone in fast boot mode, disconnect it from your pc or better remove the battery if removable, put it back and boot it to bootloader mode.

Now type this command.

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

Connect your phone while in bootloader mode and a string will run in the command prompt with your bootloader key attached to it.

How To Root OnePlus 5T

Copy the 6 line and go to your Motorola developers site (Unlock Data Scrub) and paste where they requested for your unlocking key and send.

Unlock Data Scrub
Bootloader Unlock Data Scrub
It will format the String to a different code, that’s alright.

Motorola Unlocked Data Scrub
After Scrubbing, It will look like this.
The next thing is to go to this LINK.

Check if your Motorola phone can be unlocked.
Can my Device be Unlocked Motorola
Click on can my device be unlocked? and follow the options.

How to root Plum Axe 4

They will send your unlock code to the email you used while registering on the site.

Do not panic if you didn’t receive the unlock code to your email instantly, it might take some hours appear. Instead of waiting, you might like to take some nap, play your favorite game till the code is sent to your email.

How to root Huawei Honor View 10 without loosing any data

Now copy the unlock key and head back to command prompt.

Boot your phone to bootloader, if already there, skip this option and paste those command in the command prompt.

fastboot oem unlock XXXXXXXXXXXX

The XXXXXXXXX represent the unlock code sent to you.

A Windows PC CMD
A Windows PC CMD
Send it and a prompt will appear asking you if you want to proceed. It’s going to wipe everything on your phone, so remember to back your phone up before proceeding.

How To Root Tecno Spark Pro

When you accept the prompt, it will unlock your phone and you are good to go.

The next thing to do is to Flash TWRP to your Motorola G5S Plus phone.

How to flash recovery to Motorola G5S Plus phone in CMD.

Post Contents

How To Root Micromax Bharat 2 Q402
  1. Rename the recovery to recovery.img
  2. Place it in the root folder of your PC.
  3. Go to CMD and send this command.
  4. fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  5. And done.
  6. Unplug your Motorola G5S Plus from the PC.
  7. After you have done that, boot your phone to recovery mode by pressing Volume up and power button.
How To Root Xiaomi Mi 5X

When you are on Fastboot, use volume up and down to select recovery and boot your phone to recovery mode. Once you are in recovery mode, its time to flash root to your phone.

If TWRP asks you for a password, press cancel and continue.

But before start using the recovery for anything, I will advise you to take a full backup of your stock recovery. Taking a stock backup can save you from a big messed up phone in the future when phone crashes or custom rom goes wrong and other things that follow.

How to Root Tecno S6

To take a stock backup, go to Backup> Select your Backup Location> And wait for it to finish Backup.

You cannot see the storage of your phone on your PC if you are still on your recovery, so you have to reboot your phone and Copy the Backup to your Pc.

How To Root Motorola Moto G5S

Connect your phone to your PC with a working USB Cable and select USB mass storage.

The backup file is usually saved on the corresponding storage you selected when doing the backup which is either Phone storage oraD Card.

So go to SD Card> TWRP and you will see the backup or Phone storage> TWRP and then copy the Backup to your PC. you can decide whether to move or copy it.

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Copy the Magisk from your PC to your SD Card for rooting Motorola G5S Plus.

Remember that you should not extract Magisk at all. The ZIP file is Flashable and no need Extraction.

After doing that, boot back to recovery by pressing Volume up and power button.

Root Moto G5S Plus
Moto G5S Plus
When you are on Fastboot, use volume up and down to select recovery and boot your phone to recovery mode.

How To Root Tecno Spark Plus K9

How to Root Motorola G5S Plus Using TWRP

  1. Navigate to Install.
  2. Select SD Card or the Storage you copied Magisk to.
  3. Look for the Magisk you copied to your SD.
  4. Select Magisk.
  5. Swipe to Flash Magisk to your Motorola G5S Plus.
  6. Wait for the installation to finish and done.
  7. Your Motorola G5S Plus is rooted.
How To Root MBO L2

When the installation is done, tap Reboot to reboot your phone.

When trying to reboot your Motorola G5S Plus, TWRP will prompt you to install TWRP App on your phone.

Click on Do Not Install and reboot your Motorola G5S Plus.

If you want to confirm if your phone is successfully rooted, you can Download root checker or try using any of your apps that require or prompt root access, you will see that your Motorola G5S Plus is now rooted.

Disclaimer: Rooting your phone voids your warranty and might make your phone Vulnerable to Cyberattack is you are a complete newbie or Noob. Do it at you own Risk.

This is our Complete Working Trick to How To Root How To Root Motorola G5S Plus

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