Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

The world is rapidly shifting its approach towards the cloud-based ecosystem. This is the reason why today, the market is filled with several open-source cloud services providers. Among all the cloud services providers, one name that stays dominant in the industry is the Microsoft cloud marketplace.

This article will discuss the Azure marketplace and try to venture into every aspect of it. So, let’s start with understanding what the Azure marketplace is and why to sell on the azure marketplace.

What Is Azure Marketplace?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform. The users use it to deploy, manage, and build software and applications through a network managed by Microsoft.

Azure cloud marketplace offers both SaaS (Software as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service). In addition to that, it also offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that supports several programming languages, tools, and frameworks.

What Are Azure’s Services?

Software and services that are offered in Azure’s cloud marketplace are either created by Azure itself or one of the technology partners. All the products and services you can see on the platform are certified by Azure, and hence, you can rest assured of having only credible software and service.

Currently, Microsoft offers more than 4000 products and services. If we want to categorize them all, we came up with five distinctive categories.

  • Developer Services: These are basically the add-on services that you can enjoy with software applications.
  • Active Directory Applications: These applications ensure an efficient way of managing your account on the Azure platform with a single sign-in.
  • Virtual machines: These are software images created by Azure itself for all operating systems.
  • API Applications: These are the software tools that help the users connect any of their applications with the SaaS.
  • Data Services: These are the services that provide data on several things. Finances m retail, and sports are a few to snake some.

Benefits Of Azure Cloud Marketplace

Azure has always been one of the best cloud marketplaces. It offers a one-stop platform for both sellers and customers to sell and buy relevant products software.

1. Automation

Azure cloud ecosystem uses automation technology to automate most of its operating in the Azure ecosystem. Azure has “Runbook” features that help you tune up the automation setting and eliminate the time needed for tracking and monitoring the resources.

2. API Management

Perhaps Azure offers the best management system for the APIs. Azure API management allows you to publish APIs in the market securely.

3. Ability To Run Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are the next trend of modern society. With Azure, you deploy premium virtual machines. It will only take you less than minutes to initiate these virtual machines on the different operating systems. If you can attack premium storage to your virtual machine, you can achieve 50,000 input/output operations per second.

4. Back Up You Can Rely On

Azure offers you 99.99% of data backup security. It backs up your data on six different locations on two different Azure data centers. Azure site recovery features are very powerful. So, in case you have lost your data, you can easily recover it.

5. Simple & Reliable Data Storage

Azure cloud data marketplace is a simple platform that allows its users to store any type of data. Whether we are talking about file data, structured data, or any queries, it can easily process the data and store it securely.

Wrapping Up

Before you can jump into the whole Azure cloud marketplace thing, you must get a hold of an authorized partner that can help you with easy transactions. Once that is settled, you must go through the Azure plans and select the plan that compliments your needs the most.

All the products and services have different price tags. Some are free while some are very expensive. Hence, consider that as well.

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