Tips to Make YouTube Videos That Sells

YouTube is a famous social media platform and the second-largest search engine on the web. This is why videos from YouTube frequently appear in the search results upon a web search.

There are plenty of opportunities for monetizing your digital content. Still, you also need to invest time and effort, be creative and have impeccable video editing skills to become a successful YouTuber. Knowing your target audience, their interests, and popular ongoing trends also play a significant role in getting more views.

The social platform receives 5 billion videos per day. So, it can be very competitive to gain subscribers. The good news is that 40% of YouTube stars earn over $100,000 annually, and you could be one of them. Did you know that more than half of all marketers consider collaborating with a micro-influencer with a growing YouTube channel as they are more cost-effective than a mega-influencer or celebrity influencer?

leverage your content to make money on YouTube

Here’s how to leverage your content to make money on YouTube:

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Register for YouTube Partner Program
  • Sell your own products/ merch
  • Promote your products in a YouTube video 
  • Start making sponsored content 
  • Share your viral video on other social media platforms like Instagram
  • Crowdfund or fan funding

How To Make YouTube Videos?

Here are a few tips to help you start your own channel and make quality videos:

  • Find your niche of interest and start making unique, interesting content about it.
  • Be confident and convince your audience that they should be watching you.
  • Try to make videos on popular trends.
  • Choose an attractive or at least interesting channel name.
  • Try to be yourself without faking your personality in YouTube videos. Instead, let people follow you for who you are.
  • Use interesting taglines and thumbnails for videos.
  • Be consistent and upload content regularly.
  • Show your audience that you are consistent and love what you do.

Best Video Editor for YouTube 

We all know that YouTube is one of the most entertaining and engaging platforms out there. Everyone loves to watch vlogs and trending videos. Businesses can utilize this channel to spread brand awareness, provide helpful product tutorials, and attract new customers. 

To create the best videos for your channel, the first thing you need is the right video editing software in the market because of quality and efficiency matter!

WondershareFilmora- The Best for Beginners

Filmoravideo editor is one of the top-of-the-line editing programs with an extensive collection of effects and filters, a user-friendly interface, and pre-set templates. It also allows you to pick any audio or video format for your file while exporting. 


Flimora offers many exciting video editing options, like:

  1. Video output quality up to 4K resolution.
  2. Access to a variety of pre-configured Stock Media for photos, GIFs, stickers in HD resolution, etc.
  3. User-friendly interface that is intuitive and appropriate for both advanced and novice users.
  4. Rich effects library with various contemporary effects, such as Newblue FX, FilmStock, and Boris FX, among others.
  5. Masking option for particular project zones or the entire video.
  6. Scene-by-scene alignment between your project files and the added music.
  7. Instant Mode to create automatic video templates for fast editing.
  8. Speed Ramping function to alter the video playback speed between high and low rates.

Details on Key Features 

For YouTubers and bloggers, there is a wide variety of basic and complex functions in Filmora to meet the needs of a wide variety of users. With a super easy-to-use interface, Filmora also offers aesthetic editing options to make your video content more mesmerizing. Let’s check out the features in detail.

Here’s a personal review of what this software has to offer:

  • Tons ofVide Effects- Open FX Plugins

Filmora has a large variety of effects and filters to edit videos from. In addition, the software provides many extra features, which can be expanded with the help of third-party plugins it supports. Newblue FX and Boris FX stand out as the most original and high-quality options. 

Audio editing available on Filmora includes Speech to text and text-to-speech options. The speech-to-text feature lets you convert voice into subtitles, and text-to-speech can be a great way to create voiceovers and narrations for your videos. 

Auto synchronization is yet another unique option to help you match the audio and video to create a more powerful audio-visual experience. The audio visualizer feature makes the audio on your video go live and clear.

  • AI-portrait 

The AI Portrait feature makes it simple and accurate to eliminate a character’s background. The software includes dozens of animated stickers and artificially intelligent portrait effects. It also offers augmented reality stickers for videos with faces to be added by an AI system. You can also incorporate various portrait styles to improve the video’s aesthetic.

  • Subtitle Text with Speech to Text

It is simple to add subtitles to your videos with Filmora. You can activate the Speech-to-Text function in the software; Filmora detects the Speech in the video and presents the text automatically. Adjust the font, align/edit the text accurately, and more.

Check Your Video Performance with YouTube Analytics

YouTube’s analytics can help you track progress and evaluate your video views across the channels. In addition, with YouTube’s scheduling tool, you can schedule your channel videos in advance.

YouTube analytics is a great built-in tool to track your videos’ performance and views. For example, you can check the number of views on your videos, the level of engagement, age and gender of your viewers. It also allows you to compare the performance of your channel to renowned competitors.

Analyzing your channel statistics regularly or weekly will help spot patterns and trends in your audience’s behaviour, allowing you to cater your content to them better.

Final Thoughts 

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of creating a YouTube channel, you can start searching for various monetization strategies people use to earn money. For example, use video editing tools to make your content more appealing and establish a strong brand. 

Once your channel is up and running, don’t forget to incorporate effective social media practices to increase your reach and subscribers!

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