Top 5 tech features you should have on your next car

Car technology has been making a lot of noise lately. That’s because a car’s tech features are keys to everything that can enhance the driving experience, from safety and security to connectivity and communication. So, technology has become one of the most important features to consider when buying a vehicle.

Here are five tech features you will most likely want to have in your next car:

Top 5 tech features you should have on your next car

Top 5 tech features you should have on your next car
  1. Remote start

While it isn’t a necessity, being able to start your car from your home on a cold morning is definitely something cool. That’s exactly what remote start technology allows you to do: to have the benefit of starting your car without having to go near it to use your key.

A remote starter is a radio-controlled device installed in your vehicle which will allow you not only to start the engine of the car but also to preheat or cool the vehicle before you get into it. In a matter of pushing a single button, your vehicle will start and create the temperature you wish to have when you get behind the wheel.

  1. Forward collision warning

Using optical and radar sensors, this car technology will warn you when you are close to an imminent danger of colliding with something in front of you, be it a wall or another car. Forward collision warning technology uses audible alerts and flashing lights that will appear on the dash and windshield to let you know that you should brake to avoid a collision.

However, remember that this is only an alert system and will not automatically apply the brakes to prevent the collision or reduce its severity. As a driver, you will have to act to prevent the collision yourself.

This safety car technology also helps extend your vehicle’s life by avoiding serious crashes. 

  1. Automatic emergency braking

Automatic emergency braking is another technology in the car designed to improve safety and security for the car’s passengers. Similar to forward collision warnings, automatic emergency braking uses sensors to prevent a collision. However, this technology is more advanced and also applies the brakes to reduce the severity or completely prevent a crash.

This technology is so advanced that it will stop your vehicle before you even realize what is happening.

  1. Pedestrian detection

Pedestrians are at a huge risk of being hit by a vehicle in the street if it happens for the driver to not see them or be able to stop the car in time. That is why automakers have developed another car technology meant to identify pedestrians and trigger alerts to let the driver know about the pedestrian and automatically brake. The sensors used in this technology are also able to identify bicycles and large animals and perform the same way by alerting the driver and stopping the car.

  1. Parking cameras

The days when parking in a tight spot was a challenge are long gone. Today, drivers can get assistance with parking using parking cameras. Using sensors that are installed in laterals of the car, both in the back and front, this technology assists drivers in parking their cars in tight spaces safely.

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