5 Top Virtual Phone Number Providers 2023

A virtual phone number is a phone number that is not directly tied to a physical phone line or device. Instead, it is typically hosted in the cloud and can be forwarded to any phone number, such as a personal mobile device or a business phone system. Virtual phone numbers can provide privacy, flexibility, and cost savings and are often used by businesses, remote workers, and individuals who need to maintain a separate phone number for various reasons. Read further to learn about the 5 most reliable virtual phone number service providers.

5 Top Virtual Phone Number Providers 2023

5 Top Virtual Phone Number Providers 2023

1. Google Voice 

Google Voice is a virtual phone number provider that lets users make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and voicemail from one phone number.

The service gives people a virtual phone number that they can use to make and receive calls and texts.

Users can select their phone number, available for a one-time fee based on location, or choose a custom number. The service also allows users to forward calls to other phone numbers or devices, such as work or personal cell phones.

Google Voice’s ability to distinguish personal and professional calls and messages is one of its many benefits. Users can choose which calls and messages they want to receive on their Google Voice number, allowing them to keep their personal phone number private while still tending to communication with clients or colleagues.

This virtual phone number provider also offers voicemail transcription, which transcribes voicemail messages into text and sends them to the user via email or as a text message. This feature is useful for users who would rather read their messages than listen to them.

2. Nextiva


Nextiva is a virtual phone number provider that provides a range of features to businesses of all sizes. it lets users make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and manage their communications from one combined platform.

One of the main benefits of using Nextiva is its flexibility. The service provides a range of plans to gratify businesses of all sizes, from small establishments to large enterprises. Another benefit is its customer support. The service offers 24/7 support through phone, email, and chat, ensuring users can always access assistance when needed.

Features such as unlimited calling, voicemail transcription, and call recording, making it a versatile option for businesses, are the plans it comes with.

Nextiva also offers integrations with third-party applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Teams. These integrations allow businesses to streamline their communications and workflows, making it easier to manage their operations.

3. RingCentral

With RingCentral’s virtual phone number service, businesses can choose a local, toll-free, or vanity phone number that fits their needs. They can also set up numerous extensions for diverse departments or employees and route calls to mobile phones, desk phones, or computers. This virtual number provider allows businesses to be more flexible and mobile and to handle calls from anywhere, anytime.

RingCentral’s virtual phone number service also has various advanced features, such as call screening, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, call screening, call recording, and more. These features can enhance communication and effectiveness and provide a better customer experience.

This virtual phone number service can also help businesses save money on phone bills. Businesses can use RingCentral’s cloud-based platform to make and receive calls worldwide at a much lower price than paying costly office phone systems and long-distance charges.

4. Virtnum

Virtnum is a virtual phone number provider providing businesses with a versatile and inexpensive solution for managing phone communication. With Virtnum, businesses can choose from various local and toll-free phone numbers that can be forwarded to any device, as well as mobile phones, desk phones, or computers.

One of the primary benefits of using Virtnum is its ease of use, as businesses can set up and manage their virtual phone numbers quickly and easily without IT support. On top of this, Virtnum provides a user-friendly dashboard that allows businesses to manage their calls, voicemails, and messages in one place.

Another benefit of Virtnum is its affordability. Virtnum offers flexible pricing plans that are adaptable at fitting the specific needs of each business.

The service is available in many countries, including Hong Kong, where users can easily get a Hong Kong virtual number, and it is also accessible via a web browser or a mobile app.

5. eVoice


eVoice offers virtual phone numbers, a business phone system, and local and toll-free numbers for different regions.

Their plans comprise call management tools, outbound calling apps, virtual receptionists, conference calling, and others. You can select from numerous plans, each with a different number of users you can add and a set of call minutes.

Depending on your location and the number you are forwarding to, call forwarding rates are different.

In conclusion, virtual phone numbers are useful for individuals and businesses looking to maintain separate phone numbers for privacy, flexibility, or cost savings. By being hosted in the cloud and able to forward to any phone number, virtual phone numbers offer convenience and versatility that traditional phone systems may not. With the increasing popularity of remote work and the need for flexible communication options, virtual phone numbers are likely to continue to grow in popularity.

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