When a single person compiled the tennis rankings

Thanks to computers, calculators and other technological advancements, calculating all kinds of rankings has never been easier. The live kabaddi scores for India & Asia available at 1xBet also display rankings of the best players and teams from that part of the world.

The ATP rankings are no exception. Currently, it is calculated by using a computer algorithm. However, this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, there was a time when a single person did the painstaking job of compiling the rankings by himself, without the aid of computers or any other tool. The live tennis and kabaddi scores for matches taking place in India & Asia are featured at 1xBet, and they can be used for making informed live wagers.

Meet Lance Tingay

Meet Lance Tingay

Lance Tingay was a British journalist and historian specialized in sports. In fact, during his period as an active journalist, he was seen as one of the most knowledgeable persons in this discipline in the world. If you also want to become knowledgeable about kabaddi, the in.1xbet.com/line/kabaddi website awaits.

Tingay did many informative things about tennis during his active career, some of them including:

  • writing books;
  • compiling statistics;
  • and also, calculating yearly rankings that established who were the best players in a given year.

The importance of the last point can’t be stressed enough. He needed to work with tons of data and then condense it in a ranking that was accurate, reliable and timely. The 1xBet website offers lots of information and wages about tennis, and one of the things that punters can review are the modern ATP rankings.

“The only one that counted”

Between 1970 until his death in 1990, Lance Tingay published a yearbook called World of Tennis. This publication was basically an encyclopedia that summarized the most important information regarding what happened during the year in the sport. Such information is greatly supplemented by the best tennis betting sites offered by 1xBet, where additional features are available besides the great wagers.

Between 1970 and 1972, Tingay was seen as “the only one that counted” the rankings. The ATP rankings were introduced in 1973, however, the journalist still continued with his independent assessments. If you also want to make your own assessments about what is happening in tennis, visit the best betting sites provided by 1xBet, where you can become a member now.

One of the most awaited sections of World of Tennis was one called World Rankings. It included Tingay’s own rankings of the best players during a calendar year. His work was well-renowned for its quality and accuracy. In fact, the journalist was introduced to the International Tennis Hall of Fame for that very reason.

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