Why it can pay to be a newbie in bingo

One of the most exciting things about the internet and the wider digital industry is the new opportunities for entertainment, information, and even making money. New innovations offer the chance to become early adopters or jump on a rolling bandwagon.

But it can be extremely difficult to know when to take the risk and invest in a particular concept, either in time or money. It’s a little bit like investing in a business; how many of us would have sent Mark Zuckerberg a few hundred dollars during the early days of Facebook if we could turn back time?

Luck and logic

In truth, there is a little bit of luck involved. You have to be in the right place at the right time, although a knowledge of digital markets and changing habits is also important. Either way, it’s usually difficult to find a way to buy into a trend that is already successful without making a significant investment.

One great example of this is Bitcoin. Those who invested early in the cryptocurrency could buy-in for a relatively low amount. You could purchase a Bitcoin for less than $1 until the end of 2011; today, it’s worth in excess of $9,000.

If you got in there at the start and held on to your investment, you’d be looking at a profit of 9,000%. But, if you weren’t an early adopter and you’re considering getting involved now, it’s much more difficult to turn your investment into profit.

Unfair game?

6 Top Challenges That Bitcoin Exchanges Face
6 Top Challenges That Bitcoin Exchanges Face

Take the financial aspect away from the equation and the theory still stands to scrutiny. In the world of gaming, and professional esports, it’s incredibly tough to climb up the rankings ladder if you weren’t part of a game from the start.

Many of the world’s top esports players gain early access to new, major titles, including beta releases, and so have a head-start on the rest of us. And, if you were to start playing a game like League of Legends today, you’d face a massive uphill struggle getting anywhere near the top 1,000 – let alone challenging the best players. Top esports teams like Team Liquid play the game for a minimum of 50 hours a week!

Leveling the playing field

Leveling the playing field gaming
Leveling the playing field gaming

One industry where your experience, hours of practice, and financial investment counts for less is online gambling, particularly the game of bingo. Bingo rewards good luck and, though the game is fast-paced, colorful, and tense, no skill is involved.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get involved, and, what’s more, being a new player can actually work to your advantage. Many leading websites provide online bingo promotions to entice new players, which lets you play free games or double your stake.

The majority of these offers aren’t available to exist, experienced players and while that may be a source of frustration for them, it helps turn the tables on tradition; and share a few perks with the late adopters for once!

So, if you’re fed up with missing the boat on new fads and not being able to spot subtle consumer trends, consider something a little less intense. Bingo is unlikely to make you a millionaire or provide you with an annual salary, but it offers excitement and cash incentives without the caveat of ‘being there first’.

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