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XOS Chameleon 2.3 Rom For MT6580 [Android 7.0]

XOS Chameleon 2.3 Rom For MT6580 [Android 7.0]

XOS Chameleon 2.3 Rom For MT6580 [Android 7.0]

This is a rom ported to MT6580

AOSP OS Gaming Rom MT6580 [7.1.1]

XOS Chameleon 2.3 Rom For MT6580 [Android 7.0]


Rom Name XOS Chameleon
Based On AOSP
Rom OS Version Android 7.0 Nougat
Rom Type Deodex
Status Unofficial
Current Stable Version Stable
Stable Build Date 2018-02-16
Stock OS Version Android 7.0.1 (Nougat)
Kernel Version Linux 3.18.35+
Chipset MT6580
Developer XOS Team
Powered By XOS Team
Supported Language Multi-Language Supported
Nightly Space Rom for All MT6572 Jellybean Phones

XOS OS Features.

Maybe you have been using many ROMs but you have not tested XOS Rom, then you are missing a lot in your Android phone.

XOS Rom is stock XOS UI from Infinix Mobility or Infinix phones. It comes with many features that you are going to love to check out.

Emotion Lollipop 3.0 MT6572 Jellybean

Some of the features are like Power Saving Mode which allows you to save a lot of battery for you.  You can choose many battery setups, you can choose to use your phone for few apps when you are not using your phone and much other battery features.

Finger Print Scanner: We all know that many stock rom doesn’t come with fingerprint feature. You will see a very nice rom you can use for your phone but at the end of it, there is no fingerprint option.

Mokee-6.0.1-R79 For Tecno Boom J7

I don’t think someone can buy a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner and because of using a custom rom, the person won’t be able to use fingerprint scanner again, It’s odd.

Speed ROM: Hmm, this is most enjoying part, I love speed. No one wants a laggy phone unless you don’t like going forward. If you have ever used a laggy phone or phone that comes with maybe a 512MB RAM, then you might not know what am talking about.

Dot OS 1.2 For For Lava Iris 821 and MT6580 Phones [7.1.2]

This is not for XOS Rom as it is highly optimized for speed and fastness. There are many rom that even when flashed on 3GB RAM phone will still lag due to maybe bugs, Infinix XOS UI is very fast and you will love it.

Style: Are you not a man of style?, Everybody loves classy things. This that makes them different. Infinix XOS UI is packed with things you are going to like.

AICP v12.1 Rom For MT6737M Phones [Android 7.1.1]

You might wonder what Chameleon is doing on its logo, its style. You know Chameleon changes style so much, you might want to get that on your smartphone. You gonna love it.

Themes: I am a very big fan of CyanogenMod and now LinegeOS. All I wanted to get from them is the Theme features of the CM Themes. It helps customize and beautify our phone the way we wanted it.

Aosp Extended v4.6 For Gionee P4 and MT6582 Phones [7.1.2]

You are going to enjoy that on your phone with the XOS Rom theme features. This is not the CM theme engine but a different theme option from Infinix. It comes with lots of customizations just like CyanogenMod. You gonna love it.

Oher Features of XOS ROM

  • Based on XOS UI.
  • Nice looking latest app interface.
  • Theme features.
  • Magic lock screen.
  • Magic Movie.
  • Multi windows.
  • Xshare.
  • Fingerprint.
  • Xhide.
  • Xpower.
  • Xmanager.
  • Xclub.
  • Xcloud.
  • Standby intelligence power saving.
  • And many more.
Download Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 For MT6592 [7.1.2]


Flashing a custom ROM to your phone will void your phone warranty, you may experience bugs if rom is not properly ported, Not all rom are in stable mode even if a developer labels it stable.

We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please, do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM.

Before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point Your finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.



For Other Phones


LineageOS 14.1 For Cubot Max and MT6753A Phones [7.1.2]

We will not be held responsible for any brick phone, flash at your own risk.! Follow our Porting Guide to port this rom to your phone.

Make sure you port it correctly to avoid a bug.

XOS Chameleon MT6580 Bugs

  • Camera Focus.
  • OTG.
  • Flashlight Switch

XOS Chameleon MT5680 ROM Credit

  • XOS Team
  • Abidur Rahman.
LineageOS 13 For Cubot Note S MT6580[6.0]


XOS Rom Screenshots

XOS Status bar
XOS Status bar
XOS Chameleon Battery Saving
XOS Chameleon Battery Saving
XOS Chameleon Features
XOS Chameleon Features
XOS Chameleon Other Features
XOS Chameleon Other Features

How To Flash

  • Install custom recovery.
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Wipe your data.
  • System
  • Cache.
  • Flash XOS Chameleon 2.3
  • Flash gapps.
  • Reboot.
  • First boot takes up to 10minutes.
  • Enjoy the new look.

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Love the future Tech and a big fan of Android Mobile Development. In his early 20s and an undergraduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering.

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  • hi..
    I owned an Asus z00vd MT6580.. my question is.. does all the roms listed as MT6580 can be flash on my asus..? Any answer is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes nshah, but you are going to make sure that the kernel version of the rom and your phone is the same. Then, if they are the same, you can just port it and flash to your phone. Don’t flash without porting.

      • Hi John..,
        Thanks for ur fast reply.. I was quit surprised.. lol.. thank you so much..!
        current my asus is using RR574 with 3.18.19.. which means I need to change/flash my kernel right..?
        What I don’t understand is the word mentioned “you have to port it” then flash..
        Do you mean port the kernel then flash it..?
        If that so.. it means I just can’t do it.. as I do not know how to port and/or change the kernel.. as I’m just a guy who’s so addicted in flashing custom rom as a hibby.. lol..!
        Is there any link/guide for noob like me to learn how to change or port a kernel into a custom rom for my phone use..?
        Thanks again John.. I really appreciate whatever infos and input you can share with..

        Regards and Thank you so much..

        • Sorry.. one more Q..
          Since my current kernel is 3.18.19.. and there’s a custom rom for MT6580.. can I just flash that rom..?
          Thanks again..

          • Aha.. ok.. I just finished reading..
            I think I know how to do it..
            Just for the conformation.., the guide doesn’t mention about kernel.., but I guess the port rom should be off of the same kernel as the stock..
            1..can I treat my current custom rom as my stock in porting it..?
            2..does the version of Android makes a difference.. ie.. Base rom mashmellow.. to Port rom Nougat..?
            Thanks again for ur time.. I really appreciate ur kindness in replying me..

            Regards and Thank you..

          • Okay, you don’t need to flash a kernel, all you need to do is just find a rom that has been ported all ready for your kernel. There are many roms that have been ported to MT6580 kernel 3.18.19, you can never flash the one this rom on 3.18.19, it won’t even flash or might brick your phone.
            I am going give you links to some roms like that.
            Also, you can use this keyword on google “Custom rom MT6580 3.18.19”.
            You will see roms for your kernel and you can port them.

          • There are also other things to check, check whether the required Android version matches with yours. sometimes anyway, It doesn’t matter.
            If you have any questions, I will love to answer them.

  • Hi again John..
    Thanks for replying and the infos..
    So, what ur saying is.., if I understand it correctly.., is that.., I can’t simply flash any MT6580 with 3.18.19 kernel on my phone while I’m still using a custom rom which had the same specs as above.., even if the android version are the same..?
    How do I know what’s my original (stock) kernel is.. and how do I get it..
    I apologize if I’m asking noob questions as I am a noob at the moment.. lol..?
    I’m looking forward for the link/s mentioned..! As for me I’ll keep on reading reading “how to port” as much as I could until I really understand it..!
    Thanks for all the advise, infos, efforts and time stoled.. lol.. I really.. really appreciate it very much..
    Regards and Thank you so much..

    • No, I mean that the above rom is for 3.18.35+ but yours is 3.18.19, it means that you don’t have to port kernel for to flash the one above, you just need to download exactly the one for 3.18.19 kernel which is the kernel of your phone.
      The one I posted is 3.18.19 . What is your phones Android version?

      • Hi John,
        My current rom is RR 574 Android 6.0.1..
        Thanks for the link and rom.. I’ll check it out as soon as I’m free..
        I’ll be in touch.. thank you some much for all ur efforts, patience and kindness in making me an advance noob.. hehehe..
        Regards and Thank you.. ☺️☺️☺️???

        • Lol. You are welcome.
          But if I should ask, how did you flash the Resurrection Remix, did you port anything before you flash it.

          • hi,
            Nope.. I never know how to port.. I got it from an Indonesian website who ported lots of cusrom for my asus z00vd.. I have like 10 of them.. but some are with bugs..
            I learned how to unlocked boot loader and root phone since using HTC desire HD (GB) .. and since then.. I always rooted my phones every time when I get a new one.. lol.. and I’m kinda addicted to rom flashing.. most of the time I will flashed or rooted for friends just for the fun of it.. lol.. or flash for them when it got corrupted and needed to be flash with stock firmware..
            Regards.. Thanks so much..

  • Hahaha.. you’ll be surprised to know that I used to jailbreak the earlier iPhones ie, 3,3s,4,4s..hehehe.. and know how to root Nokia Symbian REL 3 and above.. hehehe but I do it for the fun of it..
    Right now I’m using android without any go***e fixtures.. non.. zero.. especially the playservices.. hahaha.. we now have microG.. it’s all about privacy and technology..!
    Regards and Thank you
    Really appreciate all ur efforts in making me an advance noob..

    • Lol Advance Noob, What if I am more Noob than you. Hehehe.
      You will need to download this rom https://ouo.io/AtHFC5, I hope you know how to port rom.
      You will need your stock boot.img, to port the rom.
      I will be writing an article on how to port it very soon if you do not know how to do right now.

      • Hahaha.. but really.. I’m an advanced noob.. coz, I only know a bit here and there.. lol..!
        That would be a great article for noob like me.., please sent me an email when ur done writing it ok.. I’m eager to read it.. I’m v sure you’ll write it better than what I’ve read awhile ago.. which I’m too shy to ask.. but no worries.. I’ll find the answers soon..
        All the best to you John.. ur really a nice guy and very kind too..!
        I give you another surprise.. lol..
        I’m 53 yrs old d.. but I love technology.. regardless what it is.. and I use Linux mx 17.. and love cracking too.. hehehe
        God bless you always..
        Regards and Thank you so much for being nice to a noob..!
        PS.. sent me an email of reminder of ur article.. ???

          • I thanked you too..
            the link u gave (my bad.. I forgot to thanked you.. tx a bunch) me was xos v4.. but after I downloaded it.. it’s xos v 8.7.. is that the correct one.? which I can use to port it to my phone..?
            Regards and many.. many tx to you..
            Thank you

          • Hi John..,
            Haha.. I’ve the v2 of the rom ported by someone for my phone
            .. and I can tell you that, this is one of the best and awesome custom rom I’ve ever flashed..! Everything worked just so bloody flawlessly fine, butter smooth, fast and stable..! I got back my camera which with so great pics .., got back my GPS with lots of satellites locked within seconds.. like 10 of them satellites where the last time I remembered to have that many was while using Nokia Symbian..lol..!
            I’m truly stunned and v happy with its stable performance..!
            And right now I’m eagerly waiting for ur article on porting the correct way.. hehehe..!
            I believed the version 8.7 will be much.. much awesome and far more better than this current v2.. and yeah.. my battery consumption is far better than the stock or any other rom I’ve tried.. except for Viper Coral v 3.1/2 but still it’s far better than Viper..!
            This rom (or maybe v8. 7) will surely be main daily driver as it has everything intact and way better even if to compare it to the stock one..! Till now I couldn’t find any bug/s.. lol..!
            Regards and Thank you so much..!
            PS.. hahaha.. I was to exited that makes me write to you..! Please hurry the article of urs…lol..!
            I have read & watched a lot about porting, but I’m gonna wait for ur article just to be on the safe side.. lol..!
            Tx man.. ur Great.!

  • hahaha.. I didn’t port it its already ported for my phone.. your asking..? as described above.. I even flashed exposed+gravity box.. and Dolby atmos.. hehehe hahaha.. This is really great stuff man.. love it..!
    Have you started with the article yet..!? hehehe hahaha.. I’m afraid I’m learning too fast now.. and would try to flash the v 8.7 soon.. lol..!
    Regards and Thank you..

    • Hi John..,
      My apologies if it’s not the right time to ask or bother you.. lol..!
      Q is.. can I use the boot. img, the update script (for the ram disk) and the build. prop of the current rom (XOS V2) which I’m using now to port off the rom XOS V8. 7.. the one you gave me?
      From what I’ve read so far, my instinct is telling me shouldn’t be a problem.. but for the safety of not being bricked, I’m in need of your expertise.. hehehe
      Thank you in advance for any suggestions and help with much and highly appreciated.
      Regards and Thank you so much.
      ps: Just take ur time in replying.
      This v2 is damned bloody and I presumed the one u gave me (V8. 7) will be damn awesome with loads of other functions to explore.. hehehe.. lol..
      Tx man..!

        • Hi John,
          No worries.. just take ur time and continue with the project ur at now..
          I’ve tried porting the v8.7..but when I flashed it I got an error something like the “binary stuff” and I guess it’s my updating script mmcblk mount point..! The one that came with the v2 had none of the EMMC nor any mmcblk mount point.. lol..!
          I tried looking for scripts that can match with the v8. 7 from my other working rom of Marshmallow but none.. lol..!
          I’m doing more reading and watching ytube to solve this problem as I’m sure I’m almost there already..!
          I need to learn on how to modify which mount point are the one to be modified.. as some scripts had 4 items of mmcblk with different system, data, nvram, boot image & logo block while some had 2-3 and also none.. lol..!
          As I mentioned earlier.. no worries.. just carry-on with thing you need to do..
          Best of luck and wishing you all the best with all the undertaking ur with now..!
          We can always chat about porring whenever ur free..

          Regards and Thanks for replying.

          • You might try this, I have done something like that most times and it works.
            Just copy the ported files and the working META INF Folder and compress it back and try flashing it.
            You know, you just need to port just the boot.img and see if it will work.

  • Hi John,
    Hahaha huhuhu.. I’ve succeeded..!
    But there was an error with the boot img after flashing.. it turned out as “primo GH6”.. so I restored the boot img from my v2 backup and everything’s OK now.

    Forgive me for saying this.. I didn’t see any difference compared to the v2.. except for.., it’s faster and the camera does not hanged anymore in night mode as in v2.. that’s great..! .., I was hoping for some extra functions as mentioned earlier.. lol..!
    Anyway.., even if u give me the change log.. I wouldn’t know the differences between the two versions as I do not have the v2 change log in hand..!

    Overall, I do love this rom compared to the v2.. as it is much, much buttery, less system’s apps and extra 100mb or so ram even after I’ve installed xposed with 2 modules.. hehehe.. it’s damn stable and a work force.. just like Linux (Debian.. lol..!)

    I got the guides and tutorials from xda and some ytubers..

    I didn’t change anything off of the camera pakages/stuffs as in the the tutorial.., thought I would only do it if there are problems accures with camera after flashing..!
    I’m so excited about this.. hahaha..
    Ok then, we’ll chat again when ur hands are not tight.. lol..!
    As for me.. I think I’ll be v busy testing new roms from now on as I’ve saves up & bookmarked lots of links for mt6580 roms..! Lol..
    Thank you so much for the encouragements, helps and especially ur time for me to rrached this far..
    Hahaha.. I didn’t expect that one day I’ll be porting my own rom.. lol..!
    You’re great man..! I can now consider me as an advanced noob… lol…!

    Regards and Thank you..!
    (Salam sejahtera dan Terima kasih).. that’s in my mother tongue.. Malaysia..!

    ps: I noticed in the “about phone” section.. it’s still stated “XOS V2” when it’s actually V4.. and not v8.7 as I used to think off.. hehehe

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