The 3 Simplest Ways to Save Instagram Videos in 2023

The task of saving Instagram videos! Yes, it has become a hassle-free one. Multiple ways are there that let you save Instagram videos and here we have mentioned the explanation of these methods. To give you a quick solution, you can opt for the Instagram video downloader by

Method 1: Use Instagram video downloader:

The simplest way to download Instagram videos is to use a video downloader. Yes, it is the quick solution that you go for. Here is how this tool is being used:

1. Install the Instagram video downloader on your laptop, PC, or phone.

2. log in to your Insta account.

3. Select the video that you want to get downloaded.

4. Now, simply copy and paste the video link by inserting it into the downloader text bar. Click on the download button

5. You are done!

Method 2: Manually record Instagram videos:

You can opt for the manual method too! Here you are going to manually record Instagram videos. This method goes in this manner if you are an iOS user:

  1. Grab your iPhone and access the Control center.
  2. Hit on the Record button.
  3. Click on Start recording and a three-second countdown is going to be started.
  4. Now, you can record and download Instagram videos.
  5. Once you are done, open the control center and click on the red circular record button. This will stop the recording process.

Method 3: Use an app for saving Instagram videos:

The last method is to use a third-party app Insta video downloader! It will also help you download Insta videos without any trouble.

  • You can opt for the StorySaver app which is a free app. With this third-party app, you can download Insta photos and videos.
  • Another recommended app is Story Reposter! It is meant for Ios users. You can even repost those downloaded videos and images on other platforms.
  • Some like using the Quick Reposter third-party app. It allows you to download, save, report, and re-share videos.

Features of the best video downloader:

Below we have written the video downloader features. If these features are present in your chosen Insta video downloader, it means you have picked the right version.

  • The best video Instagram video download mp4 tool fully maintains the video and audio quality.
  • You can quickly and effortlessly download any kind of video.
  • These tools are free of cost.
  • They support all video formats.
  • You can run these downloaders on all websites and platforms.
  • You can share and post the downloaded video again on other platforms.
  • The customer support team is always ready and quick enough to reply.

If you can think of other video downloading methods, you can share that with us. So far, these are the topmost methods that you can go for. Share with us which method you prefer the most on a daily basis. And whether you have tried Instagram video downloader till now or not!

How is an Instagram video downloader helpful for education?

Instagram video downloaders can be helpful for education in several ways:

  • Access to educational videos: There are many educational videos available on Instagram, including tutorials, lectures, and other educational content. With an Instagram video downloader, students can easily download these videos and access them offline, which can be particularly useful for those with limited internet access.
  • Resource sharing: Teachers and students can use an Instagram video downloader to share educational resources with one another. For example, a teacher might create a video tutorial and share it with their students, who can then download it and use it to study.
  • Creating content: Educators can also use Instagram video downloader to create educational content of their own, such as lesson recaps or instructional videos, and then share them with their students.
  • Accessibility: Instagram video downloaders can help ensure that educational content is accessible to a wider range of students, including those with disabilities or those who may have limited access to the internet.

Overall, Instagram video downloaders can be a useful tool for educators and students, allowing them to easily access and share educational content.


To download videos from Instagram, you can use a video downloader website like “DownloadGram” or “InstaDownload”. You need to copy the video’s URL and paste it into the downloader’s search bar. Then, select the video format and download it onto your device. It’s important to only download videos that you have permission to use and to respect the original content creator’s copyright.

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