Cryptocurrency for Beginners: How Does It Work and Where to Begin?

Cryptocurrency assets are money existing in the digital space only – they have no actual form, and you cannot touch them, but they have their value which is actively used for trading and investment. You can also use digital assets as payment, but this function has yet to be widely adopted. However, more and more companies worldwide have been adding crypto payment options lately. It will take time until crypto coins are used and accepted everywhere. 

Cryptocurrency for Beginners: How Does It Work and Where to Begin?

Still, it is worth learning about investments or trading because it is possible to make enormous incomes from even the smallest initial investments. 

Traders use different styles for trading crypto. They vary by the intensity of transactions. For example, traders may open and close positions in the market within a fee minted and generate a small income from every deal, or it may take a couple of weeks or months to close the deal. Intraday trading is one of the most popular – it implies that positions are executed within 24 hours.

Of course, the main essence of crypto investments is to enter the market when prices are low and exit it by selling coins at a higher rate. However, some trading instruments allow for generating income from the falling price, for example, futures trading options.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency for Beginners?

Here are the main things you should do before buying crypto:

  • Pick a worthy digital asset for investments;
  • Pick a reliable crypto exchange.

Use a crypto value calculator, it is the easiest way to purchase crypto assets. A good option will be the WhiteBIT converter. Here is how you can use it:

  • enter your trade balance;
  • open the calculator;
  • pick coins you have and assets you would like to buy;
  • see the current price;
  • pay the fee (0,10%).

Coins will arrive in your account in a few minutes. Using the WhiteBIT crypto value calculator, you receive assets here and now, see the relevant price, and enjoy the simplicity of operations. You can learn about cryptocurrency on the WhiteBIT blog – the resource with practical manuals and articles, as well as the latest news from the crypto industry.

What crypto to buy in 2023?

Consider the most commonly traded assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, which currently have low prices. This presents an excellent opportunity to purchase these assets for long-term investment. However, there are also other noteworthy projects, including Cardano, Polygon, The Sandbox, Polkadot, Tron, and Dai.

Although these assets are currently inexpensive, they have the potential to surge in value in the future. Therefore, astute investors may wish to add these coins to their portfolios. You can buy cryptocurrency on the WhiteBIT platform and hold it there or utilize a cold wallet if you’re not interested in trading and prefer to wait for crypto prices to increase.

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