How to choose the right tools for remote work

The number of people who are working remotely is growing. Are your systems in place to support and enable them? Around the world, over 70% of employees work remotely at least one day a week, and 53% of employees work remotely half the week or more.

Professionals are getting their jobs done while not physically in the office, and it’s essential to keep them connected to their teams. Since 88% of remote workers say that virtual teamwork is critical to their productivity, introducing technology that improves efficiency will help keep your team connected.

You can also use presentations to manage task communication. With the help of tools like visually appealing PowerPoint templates, you can create impactful remote business presentations to communicate with your team and manage your projects more effectively.

When deciding on a project management system, you should look for features such as time tracking, task management, collaborative editing, and integration with your other systems and tools. Role-based features and document management will also help you to keep activity streams up to date. An extremely data-driven approach will enable you to boost your team’s time management.

Take a look at file accessibility for your cloud-based file storage. You need to store documents in the cloud with tools such as Google Drive or Box in order for your team to work collaboratively. Make your files shareable from the beginning to ensure that your remote team and their managers can create together seamlessly.

infographics on How to choose the right tools for remote work
infographics on How to choose the right tools for remote work

The most important communication tools will be your voice and video systems. Video conferences and phone meetings are the keys to keeping your team connected. With a powerful Video Conference API, Agora offers communication tools that allow your team to communicate without dropped calls or connection issues.

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