How to make your Android Smartphone faster in 2021

It’s pretty obvious that smartphones these days are having more RAM than most PCs and computers.

The recent smartphone release from ASUS which is the ASUS ROG Phone 5 comes with a whopping 18GB RAM and 512GB ROM, a Snapdragon 888, and a 144HZ refresh rate.

Tell me, with the above specs, do you think its user would ever experience lag no matter what they throw at the smartphone.

But hold it right there, do you know how much that phone could cost, well, you better not know.

Not everyone could afford a very expensive smartphone like the ASUS ROG Phone 5 or any of those insane Android flagship smartphones.

ASUS ROG Phone 5
ASUS ROG Phone 5 | Mrwhosetheboss

And there are some demanding tasks that require good performance smartphones like playing Popular casino games in India.

Because you could not afford those flagship smartphones, for now, should not stop you from having that great mobile casino experience.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pocket full of the Benjamin, we will tell you how to make that your not-so-fast smartphone faster so you can be enjoying those games.

If you are in, let us begin then.

Before we begin, there are few things you need to know.

  • The RAM capacity of my smartphone.
  • Android Software experience.

We will take one after the other so we could get the best result.

The RAM capacity of my smartphone.

Honor View 20 storage and RAM
Honor View 20 storage and RAM

Your smartphone could have as much RAM as 16GB and still be slow, yes that is right.

There are some things that make a smartphone perform faster and not just the RAM.

On PC, it is like having 8GB RAM on a PC that runs an Intel Celeron, the PC would still get pretty much hot and lags a lot because its processor is old and outdated.

But if you could do the same on a PC with a better core i5 or later, you would experience smoothness and a faster PC.

The same applies to an Android smartphone, you need a better processor or Soc on your Android smartphone for it to be faster.

Unfortunately, unlike PC, on Android, you cannot upgrade neither RAM nor the processor so you should know this before making your next order.

Now that we have discussed the first part, that leaves us with the second part which is the software experience.

Android Software experience

Honor Magic UI
Honor Magic UI

The Android software experience contributes a lot to its performance and overall user experience.

I myself use the iPad Pro (9.7-inch) with just 2GB of RAM but I will tell you that it feels faster than a majority of the 6-8GB RAM Android smartphone.

I also have the Huawei Honor View 20 but Nah, the experience is not the same.

This is because of the iOS software experience and also its processor as well, so you should understand.

Smartphone software like that of Honor smartphone kills applications or games on the RAM in order to save battery which might not be a good experience for some users as this won’t let them multitask smoothly on their smartphone.

Sometimes, users install a lot of apps and games they may never use on their smartphones which will end consuming unnecessary RAM and space on their smartphone making it slow at the end of the day.

Some smartphone makers also because of marketing and revenue purposes fills up their smartphone with bloatware which will end up slowing down the phone.

Companies like Xiaomi are guilty of this as their MIUI skin is filled with ads and some Chinese Bloatware.

How to make your Android Smartphone faster then?

Uninstall unnecessary apps

You need to run a thorough check on your application installation to know which app you installed but never really used them.

You need to uninstall them one after the other to give up space for other apps for better performance.

You can also uninstall any bloatware installed by your smartphone maker, uninstalling them won’t cause any harm to your phone once there’s an option to uninstall it.

If there would be any harm, your smartphone maker won’t give you that option if they knew it would cause harm.

Install a Battery Optimization App.

Honor UI Battery Optimization
Honor UI Battery Optimization

There is a take on this, it’s called a battery optimization app instead of a RAM optimization app because the phone performance determines the battery performance.

If your phone uses a lot of apps at the same time, you’ll see your battery going down pretty fast, so with Battery optimization, you can set commands for many apps and how you’d want them to behave.

The battery saver app would make sure no app is consuming your battery and also making sure no activity is slowing down your smartphone.

Our best recommendation is the Accu​Battery App.

Accu​Battery – Apps on Google Play

Root your smartphone

This option is not for everyone though but it’s worth to be mentioned.

Rooting your smartphone would give you the administrative level authority over the smartphone which means you can decide how the phones run.

When your phone is rooted, you can remove any app you want, you can install a different software skin on your smartphone for improved performance.

Buying a Budget smartphone.

These days, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the smartphone experience.

Many smartphone makers are now releasing really good smartphones at cheap prices.

You could get a good Realme or Xiaomi smartphone with insane specs at just $200 or even lower.

Just make sure that when it comes to RAM and processors, they offer good value for money.

There’s this say, Good smartphones are getting cheap or cheap smartphones are getting good, so you don’t have to continue running your experience playing those fun games.


If you could try the options we mentioned above, there is a chance you would make your Android Smartphone faster in 2021.

There’s no other hidden trick or magic or feature you would try and then boom, that slow smartphone is now fast like the Asus ROG Phone 5.

I hope our available options help and we would appreciate your feedback below.

Daniel Odoh
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