Top Quality Online YouTube Video Downloaders Converter In 2020

You would agree with me that a YouTube video downloader has become rampant. But getting an efficient and reliable YouTube video converter is somewhat scarce. 
YouTube video converter is used to convert YouTube videos and music files from one supported file format to another. You can choose to convert from Mp4 to Mp3, Mp4 to Wav, Wav to WEBM, etc. using these tools or platforms. One major feature of these platforms is that they retain the quality of the flies during the conversion process. This means that you can carry out conversions as much as you can without worrying about any part of the file corrupted or missing. Some of these platforms include:
YouTube downloaders have proven to be very helpful to so many online users. There is no joy sweeter than coming across a free YouTube downloader online. 
And the best part is when these free YouTube downloaders become highly effective and reliable. So many such platforms have sprung up in recent times, and they have gone a long way to helping online users download YouTube videos and music directly into their devices. Some of these tools are web-based only, and some are application packages that need to be installed. Whichever it is, they both carry out similar functions. You can also download videos from sites that allow you to get more YouTube views.

Ontiva is not just known for its downloading ability; it is also known as a wonderful YouTube video converter. There are several formats available to download your favorite YouTube video files. Some formats are not playable on some devices; hence conversion is required. Ontiva is used to ensure that those files are easily converted to any supported format of your choice.
This platform is web-based and requires no third-party software installation. Also, it is absolutely free and safe to access from any web browser, anywhere around the globe.   
Ontiva is regarded as one of the best online downloading platforms because of some wonderful features. Most importantly, Ontiva is absolutely free and does not require registration or software installation. Despite that, it does not place any limit on the number of downloads users can have.
Also, you can download or convert any of your favorite YouTube video or music files into any format using Ontiva’s amazing platform. They are a brand known for high-quality files and fast downloads.
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  • 2Conv

2conv is a wonderful platform that lets users convert YouTube videos and music files to any preferred file format. It also grants access to download files from any of your favorite online media sites. This means that you can download and convert files from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., without the quality of the file altered.  
It is an online-based platform with a user-friendly interface that also converts your YouTube file fast and in easy steps too. The entire process is well detailed, even for a first-timer or a newbie.

  • YTD Video Downloader and Video Converter

Just like the name suggests, this platform is known to make the conversion of YouTube video and music content very easy. This application software is required to be installed on your device first before you can access its features. But the good news is that it is absolutely free to install and use.
Users can now easily convert their favorite YouTube videos to any supported file format they desire like Mp4, Mp3, Wav, WEBM, Avi, FLV, etc. This user-friendly tool features very simple steps to be taken for the download and conversion process to be completed. The beauty of the platform is that the quality of the file after conversion is as high as it was before conversion.
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  • ClipGrab

This is a powerful application software that allows users to download and convert YouTube video and music files into various file formats. To access the features of this platform, you would need to install the app first. It also lets users convert their favorite YouTube files into other desired formats, and ensures that the quality of the file is not altered or corrupted during the entire conversion process. 
It also gives users access to download and convert files from various websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. without stress and at no extra cost. This application software is compatible with several operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

  • Evano

Another efficient and reliable YouTube video converter is Evano. It is a wonderful online tool that requires no software installation. It guarantees the successful conversion of your desired YouTube video file into any supported file format. 
One quality that makes people regard Evano as the best media platform is the speed with which it uses in carrying out its operation. Evano is known to have your converted YouTube video files ready in less than 5 minutes. And it does not demand any complicated step too.   
Evano is one of the best platforms for free YouTube downloads. It allows you to download premium quality YouTube videos at a very high speed. It supports a lot of file formats, and one format can easily be converted into another using this platform.
Registration is not a mandatory feature of this platform, and no software installation is required. The website can be accessed via any web browser and on several operating systems. It is also used to edit video and audio contents too.

  • Y2mate

Y2mate is a platform that helps to speed up and make YouTube video conversion processes simple. This high-speed YouTube converter also gives you a wide range of format choices to choose from, including Mp4, Mp3, WEBM, Wav, etc. 
It is a free platform and does not require any registration. Users can convert as many files as possible without any limitation. Y2mate is great because it not only converts your files from YouTube but also gives its users access to video files from other websites like Facebook, Instagram Dailymotion, etc.

  • WinX

WinX is an application package that allows users all over the world to download YouTube videos and music files into their devices. Users are not just given access to YouTube content only; they can also download files from a range of other websites too, like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.
The tool uses a simple user interface that makes it easy for first-time users to understand its operation. Users can also download high-quality video content from YouTube in any supported file format. The steps are taken and the total download time of this powerful tool is concise. The WinX software is compatible with a list of operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.   

  • Ymp4

This online-based platform is another powerful but free YouTube downloader. It does not require any form of registration; neither does it have any hidden charges attached to it. This platform has a functional web app too. Over 500 websites are accessible for content download via this platform.
It is well known for its fast download and quick YouTube search feature. To download YouTube videos, you need to take 3 simple steps. First, you copy the URL link of your choice file, and then you paste the link to the search box on the site’s platform. Finally, you select your desired file format and click on the download button on display.  

  • iTubeGo

Another platform that allows users to download YouTube content for free is iTubeGo. Once you successfully install the application software, all it takes is not more than 4 steps to download your favorite YouTube Contents. This is a wonderful platform because it also grants its users access to online video files from thousands of websites without restrictions. 
Also, this platform has been endorsed by leading media experts as the best place for high-quality downloads. You can also convert online video files from one format to another using iTubego. 

  • Ummy Video Downloader

This is another application software that allows users to download quality YouTube files for free. It needs to be installed first before its features can be accessed. You can download an entire playlist, videos in mp4 formats, convert to various formats also and so much more.
The steps taken to complete the downloading process is very easy. The first steps are copying the link of the video you want to download and paste it in the box provided on the platform’s homepage. The supported file formats would pop up for you to choose from, select any desired format, and then click “download.” Videos downloaded using this platform are of high quality, and the platform is very secure.


As the saying goes, “Some of the best things of life are free,” this is true for these amazing free YouTube downloaders. Now we have direct download access to YouTube videos at zero cost.
YouTube video converters are so helpful to millions of online users. It helps to convert those YouTube videos and ensure that they become playable on any device. And the best part is most of them are free. You can also check the other top list youtube converter on this blog.

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