Best TVs to Purchase

The Samsung Frame 1080p

The Samsung frame tv is fantastic, and one of the best TVs to purchase and it can be sure to fulfill all your TV watching needs such as Netflix, Youtube, HULU, and just general TV program watching. The TV is configured in FHD (Full High Definition) which means it has 1920 x 1080 pixels up and down. That is over 2 million pixels on the whole screen! It also has a QLED display.

Now I won’t ramble on in-depth about the technical aspect of this type of display, but it has many advantages, such as a longer life span, you can’t burn images into the screen, a lower life span and you can make larger screens with this type of display.

On top of the fantastic picture quality that is present on the screen, one of this TV’s main selling points is its very sleek and minimalist aesthetic style. The TV aims to copy the appearance of a picture frame which can be very good for a minimalistic style for your house.

To help support the display’s “picture frame” style, it also comes with various pre-downloaded pictures onto the tv which are present when the TV enters standby mode, this feature could be exceptionally appealing to all of you arty stylish folk out there!

Samsung 43” Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR TV

Samsung continues to dominate the Tv market and it’s no wonder why with all these fancy TVs that they produce. This TV here adds to that significantly and is one of the Best TVs to purchase for your living room or even bedroom!

The Samsung 43” Smart 4k Ultra HD TV is a premium TV with absolutely stunning visuals that even the most High-End TVs compete with. This TV has a 4k display which you can imagine from that name alone that this TV packs a hard punch.

While the last TV that we reviewed had over 2 million pixels present on the screen, this TV has over 8 million pixels present, offering a much more clean and more defined picture on the screen which you can enjoy all of the Hollywood films with absolutely no compromise on picture quality. The Large size of this display makes it extremely ideal for large living rooms.

Some advantage this Tv has is its LED display. While there are more updated TV displays such as OLED or QLED, LED still delivers high-quality images and is great for watching movies. It is also more environmentally friendly than alternatives as LED has a low carbon footprint.

On top of all of these advantages, the TV is quite fairly priced, typically around £349 but as of 16/06/2022, you can pick it up for £289. 

SONY XR-55A80J 65”

SONY XR 55A80J 65
SONY XR-55A80J 65”

Now we are starting to get into the more high-end range of TVs. This TV here is affordable, very large, does not compromise 1 bit on display quality, and is by far one of the Best TVs to Purchase.

This TV is 65” which is very large and can be appealing to those who have a large number of members staying in the household, who all want to watch TV at the same time. The whopping size of this TV can allow so many people to view it at the same time. This TV also features an OLED display. This is a great feature, and I would say it is one of the best types of displays that a TV can have.

OLED offers the best cinema experience and is very ideal for immersion in a movie that you are watching due to its “absolute black” feature. On OLED displays there is no backlight, each pixel has its own lighting setting, and this allows for deeper and darker blacks so if you are watching a dark scene in a movie, this will be sure to make it even more immersive for you.

On top of all of this, the screen also has a 4k display which is over 8 million pixels, so this TV can show even the finest of details in a picture.

Samsung 8K

Now talk about immersion. This TV features a whopping 8K display, which contains over 33 million pixels, and is one of the Best TVs to Purchase if what you need is high definition. This TV also uses artificial intelligence to further improve the image quality of the screen.

Despite this TV being very large, it is also very thin, which could appeal to a more minimalistic design within your living room.

This TV also supports 3-dimensional audio for ultimate emersion, even within the sound. This means that for example in a movie if there is a gunshot to your left, this TV can signal the sound to come out of the left-hand side of the TV which allows for brilliant emersion in the even most intense scenes.

This TV is very large so you will need a reliable way to have it installed, please click here to contact a professional to get your brand-new television installed.

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