BetterHelp Review: An Online Therapy Platform Promoting Mental Wellness With Technology

Today, there are several mind-blowing things you can achieve with technology, from creating devices with 3D printers to shooting 8k resolution videos with a featured-packed Samsung S20 Ultra.

Blogthetech has reviewed several incredible gadgets that make life easy, but we haven’t given a major spotlight to technology that makes life meaningful in difficult situations. 

No, we don’t mean difficult situations such as getting stuck in a traffic jam or a power failure when you need to print your term paper. Difficult in the sense of emotional traumas, those confusing moments when you wish you had someone to talk to without feeling judged. 

So, let’s step away from discussions about gadgets, latest releases, and product reviews and talk about wellbeing technology. This type of technology is designed to support everything about our life purpose and pursuit of happiness. 

Online counseling services

Online counseling services

In recent years, companies like BetterHelp have adopted technology to provide online therapy and counseling services to those in need. 

This move lowered the barrier to accessing counseling services from licensed and highly rated professionals. Also, users can choose anonymity and avoid the initial discomfort of talking about their troubles in front of a counsellor or psychiatrist.

BetterHelp’s online counselling services are provided through web chat, text messages, or over the phone. When you sign up for the service, you will be assigned a counsellor or psychologist, depending on your needs. 

BetterHelp has several categories of online counselling. Each category caters to the need of people suffering from a distinct emotional trauma. Abuse, adolescence, Alzheimers, attachment, attraction, body dysmorphic disorder, and depression are among the categories of counseling available on BetterHelp.

Online counseling for depression

Online counseling for depression

Considering the reports in the media, depression is gradually becoming an epidemic of its own. According to the WHO, depression is a major cause of disability in the world and is a leading contributor to the global sickness burden. 

Thankfully, pharmacological and psychological treatments are effective in treating depression. For psychological treatment, you can sign up for BetterHelp online therapy services. The service will match you to a counsellor with the skills and experience to help you unravel your emotions and heal.

Online counseling with BetterHelp counselors is solution-driven. The end goal is to help you feel less burdened than you were when you started the therapy.

Online counselling for couples

BetterHelp offers online counselling for couples. This service allows you to get counselling with your loved one without the anxiety of sitting face-to-face with a stranger.  

And if you prefer meeting a therapist physically, BetterHelp can connect you with a therapist in your area. This is possible because BetterHelp has a network of highly-rated counsellors and therapists in the US and around the world.

Can online therapy replace traditional face-to-face?

Yes, it can but not in every case. 

Studies show that most people who prefer online therapy are more comfortable with digital interactions than face-to-face.

However, it is vital to note that online therapy can lead to face-to-face sessions, depending on the counsellor to patient relationship and the needs of the patient.

Online therapy may be insufficient for people with severe mental health issues.

online therapy

How much is online therapy on BetterHelp?

Online therapy is relatively affordable compared to face-to-face therapy. For most people, affordability is the main draw of online therapy. 

As seen on Zencare, the BetterHelp pricing plan includes;

  • BetterHelp membership, billed weekly: $80/week.
  • BetterHelp membership billed monthly: $260/month — comes out to $65/week.
  • BetterHelp membership, billed 4x/year: $540/quarter – comes out to $45/week.
  • BetterHelp membership billed annually: $1,820/year – comes out to $35/week.

All plans with BetterHelp include unlimited text messaging and live text, phone, and video sessions. 

Online counseling app by BetterHelp

As stated earlier, BetterHelp’s online therapy can be accessed through the web, an application, or a phone. Most people would prefer using the application by the service, which is available in the Android and iOS versions. Visit PlayStore or iTunes to download them respectively.


In today’s fast-paced world, there is so much going on that it is hard to keep pace with events and monitor your health at the same time. So you need to consciously step out of the rat race to take care of yourself. 

Technology-powered services like BetterHelp’s online therapy make it possible to receive vital well-being support without the stress of commuting or the anxiety of talking face-to-face. However, if you decide to sign up for the service, you should commit to attending sessions and engaging with your counsellor.

BetterHelp is arguably the best online therapy provider on the web space. When compared to the competitors, BetterHelp provides more value than the closest competition.

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