Solve All Disney Plus Error Codes

Like on other platforms, people experience one issue or another on Disney Plus. One of these issues is Disney Plus error codes.

There are so many of them, and that’s why we have researched and put together all the Disney Plus error codes out there, from the most common to the most rare, it is all in this article.

Also, we have provided practical solutions to each issue should you experience any of them.

Note that in a few cases (like error codes 41&76 and 91&92), different codes mean the same thing. Now let us get started.

Error Code 4

This error means there is a problem with your payment method. It can be caused by:

  • Using a card that has expired.
  • Using a ZIP or postal code that is invalid.
  • Your security code is incorrect.
  • Using a card that’s not from the United States or a place that does not support Disney Plus.
Ensure the expiration date on your card is the same as the one you’re submitting.
Make sure that the ZIP or postal code for your payment card is right so that the transaction goes through smoothly.
The 3-digit security code on the back of your card (or 4 if you have an American Express) must match the one you’re typing.
Pay with a credit or debit card issued by a U.S.-based bank or any accepted form of payment.

Disney Plus Error Code 5

This pops up when Disney believes something about your account details provided is wrong. It can be caused by entering incorrect login information.

Double-check the information you provided, making sure that none of the details, be it your name, password, or email, is omitting a character. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then the fault is definitely from Disney Plus. Just wait for a few minutes and try again.

Disney Plus Error Code 8

This means you’re not entering your email or password correctly during login.

Log in with the email and password you used while creating your Disney Plus profile. Also, consider using a password manager if you have difficulties remembering your passwords.

Error Code 9

You got logged out, and now you just need to log in again. It can be caused by entering an outdated or wrong payment details.

Change your password or just sign in with the correct details.

Error Code 11

This happens when the content you want to stream is not available in the country you’re based.

VPNs can cause these errors if Disney Plus detects that you’re accessing content from a region where it isn’t available. So make sure to turn your VPN off.

Error Code 13

This error shows when you have exceeded the 4-device limit for downloads for your Disney+ account.

On Disney+, you can have up to only four devices logged in simultaneously with one premium account.

Trying to add downloads to a new device? You will need to log out o1f some devices before you can be able to access Disney Plus and start watching again.

Disney Plus Error Codes 14 & 21

You might see this code when you try to log in to Disney Plus, but the platform couldn’t locate your email or password.

Reset your password by selecting “forgot password” or just sign in with the correct details.

Disney Plus Error Code 22

This means that the video you want to watch cannot be played right now because it is restricted by parental control or because it is not available in your region.

Exit Kid’s Mode and give the video another go.
Use a VPN to connect. Just change your location to US when you connect.

Error Codes 24 & 29

This generally points to network or login problems on your device.

You might get this error message if your internet connection or Wi-Fi keeps cutting out and your download speed keeps changing a lot. Make sure you don’t have any Chrome add-ons that are hogging up all your internet!
Clear the app’s cache.
Try turning your device off and then back on.
 Contact the Disney+ Help Center if the issue persists.

Disney Plus Error Code 25

This is a general error for when something goes wrong on Disney Plus’s end.

You can try signing out of the Disney Plus app on your streaming device and then signing back in. It might take hours for the issue to be rectified.

Error Code 30

This error will occur when your device is not compatible with Disney Plus.

Make sure you are using devices supported by Disney Plus to avoid this error. And if you are already facing this issue, switch to a device supported by the platform.

Error Code 31

This indicates that there’s an issue verifying your location.

If you’re using a phone or tablet and your location settings are turned off, please turn them on and give it another try.

Error Codes 32 & 87

This is related to issues signing in to your Disney Plus account.

Reset your password if you have forgotten it, and always keep your password private to avoid an unauthorized login.

Disney Plus Error Code 34

You can make seven different user profiles on Disney Plus. So if this shows up, it means that you cannot make more profiles because you already have the maximum number of profiles allowed.

To solve this, delete one of your current profiles before attempting to create another.

Disney Plus Error Codes 35 & 36

These codes indicate that the content you are trying to access is not available in your current location or is age-restricted.

Check if any geographical limitations are affecting the content.
Change your parental control settings if they are restricting access to content.

Error Code 38

An incorrect date and time on your streaming device can prevent you from watching Disney Plus videos, leading to the error code 38.

Fix your date and time and this issue will be solved.

Disney Plus Error Code 39

This means that the service can’t play the video you wanted. Error code 39 is specific to the Xbox device.

Reboot the Xbox console and try again.

Disney Plus Error Codes 41 & 76

This occurs when Disney Plus servers are overloaded because everyone is attempting to download a particular show or movie simultaneously.

Patiently wait for Disney Plus to fix the problem. Why not go outside and enjoy some fresh air while you wait?

Disney Plus Error Code 42

Just like error codes 24 and 29, this points to network or login issues on your device.

You might get this error message if your internet connection or Wi-Fi keeps cutting out and your download speed keeps changing a lot. Make sure you don’t have any Chrome add-ons that are hogging up all your internet!
To confirm that their servers are down, go to this website. If they are up and running, you’ll see a “User reports indicate no current problems at Disney+” message.
Clear the app’s cache.
Try turning your device off and then back on.
Contact the Disney+ Help Center if the issue persists.

Error Code 43

Error code 43 means a specific show or movie is no longer available, or your account has an issue or

Ensure that the show or movie you want to watch is still on Disney Plus.
Restart your device. This simple action can clear out minor glitches that might be causing the error.

Error Code 73

Disney Plus Error Code 73

Similar to error code 11, this happens when Disney+ is not available in the country you’re based. This error will also occur when you use a VPN to stream Disney+ in a region where it’s supported.

Put off your VPN and relaunch Disney Plus.
Use a VPN to connect (that’s for those based outside the US). All you need do is change your location to US when you connect.
Check your internet connection too to make sure the issue is not caused by it.

Disney Plus Error Code 83

This is one of the most common errors, it means your device is not compatible with the Disney Plus app or poor internet connection.

Always use a device supported by Disney+ to avoid this particular issue.
Confirm you have a stable, strong, and fast internet connection before launching the Disney Plus app.

Error Code 86

This is usually linked to violating Disney Plus’ terms of service as a result of shady activity. When the platform notices this, your account will get blocked.

Disney Plus help center
If Disney Plus blocks your account, nothing can be done on your own. You will have to contact their customer service right away.

Disney Plus Error Codes 91 & 92

This error says, “Due to a high number of requests, we have temporarily throttled traffic from your IP address. Please try again later.”

It could be because you/someone keeps trying to log in but failing, or trying to update the payment method but failing, or maybe the internet connection is weak.

Ensure the details of your payment method are in order.
Try restarting your device. 
Relaunch the Disney Plus app or refresh the site.

Error Code 142

Just like error codes 24 and 29, this points to network or login issues on your device.

Fix your unstable or poor internet connection and Wi-Fi signal.
Power down and turn on your router and modem.

Error Codes 1026 & 1027

Disney Plus Error Codes 1026 1027

This error says, “We are having a problem. Please exit the app and try again.”

Reboot your TV and then try relaunching the Disney Plus app.
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Disney Plus app.

Are you still having issues with streaming even after all these solutions? Reach out to the Disney Plus help center. Or call their customer service number (US only): 888-905-7888. You can also email them using this address:

Keep an eye on this blog for updates should new error codes spring up over time.

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