Gaming Problems: The Life of a Broke Gamer

Millions of gamers worldwide have their preferences regarding the games they play and the console they enjoy using. However, a decent chunk of these gamers can only afford a certain amount of games per year. This can be problematic for those who go into debt because of such a hobby.

We can’t deny the given fact that gaming—much like any hobby out there—is expensive. However, if you interview a gamer, most of them know what they are getting themselves into, and they are some who are also in other, even more expensive hobbies such as board games. So how do these ‘broke’ gamers cope, and how do they fund their gaming needs?

The Demographics of a Gamer

Gamers worldwide vary, but their demographics can be identified by country. There are about 221 million gamers in the US alone, and they account for nearly half of the entire population. The average age of American gamers is 31 years old. These gamers are also likely to own their own house and have their own family.

With this in mind, it seems that most gamers have a lot of things going on in their lives. However, despite having jobs, the income level of gamers is divided relatively evenly. About 30% are part of the low-income bracket, 31% are part of the medium income bracket, and the remaining are part of the high-income bracket. These statistics show a decent chance for a gamer to be broke, knowing that they usually have their own set of bills to pay.

Anyone can be a broke gamer, but how do you exactly cope when you can only purchase a handful of your favorite games every year? Moreover, how can you even afford a gaming console or computer?

The Life of a Broke Gamer

Broke gamers can be found everywhere.  Each of these gamers can be quite creative when it comes to securing their gaming needs. One of the ways they get their console is by looking for used ones for sale on sites like eBay and Amazon.

Used Choices

Most of these gamers rely on used products to get their gaming needs. As a result, there’s a huge market for used games and consoles on eBay. Some are selling their GPUs and various computer gaming parts. Broke gamers consider them to be heroes.

Used products in gaming can come as low as 10% of their original price, depending on the quality of the product and how relevant they are to the current market. Some gamers even go on garage sales to purchase some old video games they can play. Once these gamers are done with the game or console, they sell it back, contributing back to the market.

Used gaming products make it possible for broke gamers to afford their gaming needs. This market is what’s sustaining their hobby.

Computer Building

Many believe that PC gaming is the most expensive area of gaming. However, don’t underestimate the creativity of gamers in this field. Through PC-building websites, they can create some of the best gaming rigs out there while paying for less than the average price of gaming computers. With some creativity and knowledge, any gamer can build a gaming rig for as little as $500.

However, there is also a dark side to computer building. Since most retailers offer payment through credit cards, some gamers can be in debt to get the gaming computer of their dreams. If you want a gaming computer, we suggest you research and build one through a PC builder instead.

Reliving the Classics

Most gamers have old consoles in their homes. Some of these gamers realized that they could enjoy these old consoles now better than before.

Nostalgia plays a big role in the way we experience games. That’s simple game psychology, and that’s why remasters are such big sellers in today’s industry. However, the original games are so much better than remasters. Broke gamers can play these games instead of purchasing new ones. Moreover, they can choose to sell it instead.


The budgeting for broke gamers relies on their expected games for the year and seasonal sales that exist in digital gaming sites like Steam or GOG. Some gamers keep track of these sales to purchase the game they want at a ridiculous discount. Its strategy is well-known to many gamers out there, and even those who don’t have a job yet can afford it.

These points show how anyone can game with a meager budget. The industry is becoming more affordable every year, and all we have to do is take advantage of it.

Meta title: How Do Broke Gamers Finance Their Hobby?
meta desc: Gaming can be pretty expensive at times, but how do gamers cope with it? How do they find the necessary cash to fund such a hobby, even though they’re broke?

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