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GTA San Andreas is one of the most famous games in the Grand Theft Auto series, and its exciting story has kept players hooked for years. The fun no longer ends with the classic single-player game, as this game now has a multiplayer version.

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) is a GTA San Andreas mod that lets players connect and combat with others from all over the world for free. With SA-MP, gamers can join their own custom servers, play different game modes, and become part of a lively group of other GTA fans. Up to 1,000 people can play at once on each server.

The San Andreas Multiplayer version has two people playing. One is Carl Johnson, the main character, and the other could be any odd person you see on the street. You could drive with friends through the streets of San Andreas, compete in fast races, or join a role-playing site where you can be a police officer, a criminal, or even a business mogul. The options are limitless, and the content created by the community keeps the experience interesting and engaging.

How to Start With the GTA San Andreas Multiplayer

It’s easy to get started with GTA San Andreas Multiplayer.

  1. First, you’ll have to install San Andreas itself on your PC. Know that without this, you will not be able to play the San Andreas Multiplayer mod.
  1. Download SA-MP: After installing San Andreas, download SA-MP software. Once there, click on “Download SA-MP App” in a box on the left side of the homepage. The file will automatically start downloading.
  1. Install SA-MP: To do this, run the software and set up SA-MP by following the steps shown on the screen.
  1. Get on a Server: You need to get a separate server client and install it if you want to run online game servers instead of simply playing them. For Windows and Linux, you can get this client from the same page where you can get the main mod client.

Now that you have the main mod client and a separate server client installed, it’s time to play.

Visit the website for more information on how to use the app and to see the different servers and game types that are available.

What Are the Changes in the GTA San Andreas’s Interface?

Since San Andreas Multiplayer is a mod, it looks and works like the single-player game version, i.e., GTA SA. However, there are new elements on the screen that give the multiplayer version more functionality.

One such place is the chatbox in the upper left part of the screen. You can press F6 or T to talk to other people on the server. You can turn this feature on or off by pressing F7.

There is also a “Kill Info” area on the right side of the screen,. Here, details about how each person died are shown, along with the number of kills each player has made. By hitting F9, you can turn this window on or off.

When you open SA-MP, the first thing you see on the screen is a prompt to choose your class. Here, you can decide how your character looks and what face you’d like them to have. Depending on the game mode you pick, the skin might change your team.

Popular SA-MP Game Modes

Some of SA-MP’s most famous game modes are:

  • Role-Playing (RP): RP games are like real life; players take on parts in situations like work, business, and social interactions. They can be police officers, thieves, regular people, and more who look and act like the real world.
  • Deathmatch (DM): The goal is to kill your enemies as many times as possible. Players can play alone or with a team.
  • Freighter: In this game mode, one group protects a secure base, while the other tries to get inside.
  • Capture the Flag (CTF): The goal of the CTF game mode is to capture and protect flags or targets. Teams of players battle to take down enemy flags while keeping their own safe. This mode requires teamwork and thorough planning.
  • Free roam: There are no goals! You can just look around the scenery whenever you want. Players are free to move around the game world and do different things, like races, stunts, gang wars, or just hang out with other players.
  • Mini-Games: These are smaller game modes that are fun and quick to play. Some examples are quizzes, races, parkour tasks, etc.

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Pros and Cons of the GTA SA-MP

The SA-MP gaming experience, like any other gaming experience, includes both positives and negatives. Being aware of them can help you choose if you want to join the online world of San Andreas. The table below lists GTA San Andreas Multiplayer’s primary pros and cons that you are likely to face.

A big community with a lot of active and different playersThe mod doesn’t have official backing from the developers — Rockstar Games.
Different servers come with their own game modes and rulesPlayers must download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in order to play the multiplayer version with others.
Free to playRegular bugs and crashes that could slow down your internet speed and cause lags
Every server supports up to 1000 playersIn order to play the game, it must be the PC DVD version of V1.0.
It provides a few different choices for customizationFor new players, GTA SA-MP’s interface is hard to set up and navigate.
It helps you to finish missions fasterHacks and cheats are used a lot.
In SA-MP, there are always fresh events and actions to check out.You have to unzip the files and put them by hand in your game’s folder.
The graphics have not been improved.

We recommend getting SA-MP if you already like GTA: San Andreas.

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