Getting a Mouse Feet for your Desktop

A good computer gaming mouse needs to move quickly and easily. Many gamers do not know that their gaming mouse’s glides can be affected by its feet. Below, we’ll discuss what mouse feet are, the properties to look out for in them, how they affect a mouse’s feel and functionality, and so on.

Getting a Mouse Feet for your Desktop

What are mouse feet?

Mouse feet are normally attached to the bottom of the mouse and are responsible for how smooth the mouse glide is on a mouse pad.

They are majorly made of Polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE), simply known as Teflon. Teflon is a synthetic polymer known for low friction (below 0.06 microns). It’s usually cleft to a piece of two-sided tape to glue to the bottom of the mouse.

It come in various materials (plastic, ceramic, and of course, Teflon), which greatly contributes to the different speeds at which they wear out. However, you should steer clear of mice that do not have PTFE attached to their bottom because the more smooth and more steady the glide, the better it’ll be for your gameplay.

3 Things to look out for in Mouse feet

1. Material

PTFE is the best material to look out for when selecting mouse feet. Unlike an unalloyed PTFE, which is fully white, with those feet having the smoothest glide, some PTFE mouse feet are mixed with plastic, giving them a black color.

White is the natural color of PTFE polymer. Therefore, the original, exceptional properties are violated when any additives, paint inclusive, are added.

2. Thickness

Since thicker ones are highly durable and do not wear easily, a mouse’s feet are too thick and can result in tracking problems.

Check and change your mouse feet occasionally, especially when gliding is off.

Based on surface type and intensity of use, a mouse’s feet wear out over time.

3. Edges

To avoid any coarseness during gameplay, feets with soft edges are preferable.

Reliable mouse feet brands

Although good gaming mice are tricky to find, some brands slightly differ, function perfectly, and are highly recommended.

  • Hyperglides

Hyperglide mouse feet is the most popular brand and uses complete virgin-grade PTFE. Also, its feet are rounded, and its glide is the fastest in the market.

  • Feetglide

Feetglide is made to boost or restore functionality to gaming mice. They are made of 100% PTFE which, as stated repeatedly, provides a fine glide and, thus, travel speed.

  • Corepad Skatez

Corepads get scratchier at some point because they do not have curved edges. They are also made of pure PTFE. Unlike Hyperglide, they have much better mouse coverage.

Where can you purchase mouse feet?

Mouse feet can be tricky to find; you can find luck in these places:

  • Amazon has a large selection of mouse feet from multiple brands.
  • Feetglide has more than 100 of the most requested and well-known models of mice you can think of. Are they likely not cost-friendly? Don’t be. Many of the best gaming mice in Feetglide have even serviceability as a cost option.
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