How to Tell if Your Pair of Earbuds are Low Quality

Mellowing out in the woods, free from the tangles of wires and gazing at the sky with the euphonious music in your ears. Life becomes so easy with the right accessory and companion.

In this short article, we are talking about the wireless world of music. Bluetooth wireless earbuds have been the latest must-haves for true music fans. As wireless Bluetooth earbuds are becoming increasingly common and indispensable gadgets to enhance our lives, it is crucial for our readers to learn how to distinguish between a good pair of earbuds from one of lower quality.

This being said, the following are a few points to consider:

As the name suggests, your earbuds must be efficient in canceling out any sort of background noise. The noise from the outside world should be masked by the inbuilt noise reduction circuitry in your noise-canceling earbuds. These noises vary from roaring jet engines to intermittent speech and if your earbuds can cancel out the roaring and squeaking noises, it’s a heads up from us.

  • Powerful Battery life

Good quality earbuds ought to have an excellent battery life so that we can use them throughout the day. The best Bluetooth earbuds available in the market – Apple Airpods currently offer a battery life of 3-5 hrs on one charge while the ARIA earbuds offer up to 35 hours. The life and soul of wireless earphones lie in its high-performance battery life, you don’t want to have to interrupt your music listening with constant recharging after all!

  • Balanced Sound quality

Consistent sound quality is a prerequisite. If it isn’t met, it defeats the core purpose of a pair of earbuds. Listen to Kanye West “Love Lockdown” or Robyn’s “Dancing in my own (Rex remix)”. Following this, if you are able to differentiate clear snaps of Queen’s “Killer Queen”, your wireless Bluetooth headphones sound quality passes the sound quality test.

  • Smooth and Comfy-fit

A good quality pair of earbuds should sit so comfortably inside your ear that you forget you have them on. If that’s what you are experiencing, these wireless earbuds are perfect. However, if they hurt your ears, you might have to reconsider its quality. Experiencing trouble with placing fully wireless earbuds in the ears is a big no-no as they should fit like a glove without irritating your ear or ear canal.

  • Water-loving and dust-repelling

The other characteristic to pay heed is to ensure its capability to resist water and sweat, i.e. they must be waterproof and dustproof certified. Such an expensive pair of Bluetooth earphones should be multi-purpose and be used in your daily activities including jogging, swimming, surfing, and bathing.

The above 5 are essential features and considerations to think through in determining the quality of your wireless earbuds; there are however others which include the aesthetics of the charging case, the simplicity of pairing with devices, and efficiency of call handling.

If you don’t know where to start when choosing your pair, here’s a tip: the award-winning engineers at xFyro audio created the most advanced pair of waterproof earbuds on the market, bringing next-generation technology today’s active listener.

Daniel Odoh
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