How to Win Online Slots

When it comes to slot games, people should play them for fun and not as a way of making some quick cash. However, along with having fun, a win or two is extremely welcome as well, but unfortunately, the only guarantee in slot gaming is that if you do not gamble responsibly, you will lose in the long run. So, is there a way of improving your odds of winning at ?

Slot Mechanics

Slot games are dangerous if not treated as a form of entertainment that should only be indulged in occasionally. This is because the mechanics of these games make them extremely unpredictable. Firstly, slots have a built-in house edge which guarantees that casinos will make a profit from each machine. Furthermore, each slot spin result is created by a computer microchip known as a Random Number Generator or RNG for short.

This does exactly what the name suggests and produces millions of number sequences 24/7. The number sequences generated are translated into spins and every number represents a symbol on the reels of every game. Players, therefore, rely on the numbers generated during their spin to correspond with either a winning combination of symbols on the reels or a bonus triggering spin. However, often, the RNG produces dead spins because the numbers generated, do not correlate with any symbols of substance, and this can happen continuously resulting in big losses.


The Return to Player percentage score is also an important aspect of slot gaming. This is a score given to slots under controlled conditions. For the percentage score to be calculated, slots must be spun thousands of times and the amount wagered and won must be calculated. High RTP scoring games are likely to return more of the player’s wagering to them over time through winning spins than low RTP-rated slot games. To find the RTP score of any slot, players should click on the ‘more info’ tab on each slot game banner.

Winning At Slots

From the above information, it is clear to see that slot spinners cannot control the Random Number Generator. However, plays can pick the slots they choose to play, and this means that they can exclusively play high RTP-rated slots if they wish to do so. These increase gamblers’ chances of winning, but again there is no guarantee that these games will pay out because this is not an exact science.

What you can expect though, are small regular wins and fewer dead spins. These regular wins can build up in time and if a bonus is triggered, which is far more likely on high RTP slots, then the chances of building a healthy bankroll increase further.

Bankroll Management

The best way to win at slots is by wise bankroll management because this is one aspect of slots that can be controlled. The simple rule is to bank winnings often and this prevents players from losing everything they have won. This also keeps individuals in the game instead of on the bench. You can bank all that you win or 70% and this can leave you with something left in the bank to spin with. Not banking winnings lead to overspending and chasing losses which is a route no gambler should take.

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