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Top 5 Call Center Software Provider That You Can Trust In 2020

by Micheal Nosa

Are you hunting for reliable call center software? Then we must say that you must be facing tough ahead in picking one in today’s over-crowded world. The market is flooded with ample options. 
 And when each option claims to be better than another, it is really tough to pick the one which actually does what it claims. Nonetheless, your struggle is going to end today as we are going to suggest you top five call center software solutions that you can trust in 2020. 
But before moving any further, let’s try to understand what call center software is and what its purposes are. 

 Call Center Software- The Effective Way To Communicate With Customers 

Call center software is a business tool that offers ample features to streamline business communication at multiple fronts. It enables a business to handle customer queries in the most efficient and effective manner without juggling between different platforms. 
 With features like call forwarding, call routing, IVR, call transferring, auto call attendant, and so on, it helps a business to improve response time and equips your team with the right kind of information that is required to assist customers better. 

 What call qualities best call center software should have? 

  A call center software is only to suffice its purpose and help a business if it has been designed to keep certain factors in mind. Those factors are: 

  • Cost-effectiveness- Call center software that is able to reduce calling and set-up expenses are likely to be getting picked.  
  • Omni-channel capability – An ideal call center software should come with the omnichannel capability and should handle the communication initiated using email, phone, SMSs, voicemails, and live chat channel. Without this unified communication ability, any call center software is only half good. 
  • Effective call management- The sole purpose of having a call center software is to handle incoming calls with full perfection Hence, an ideal call center software must include call management features like call routing, call transfer, call queuing, call recording, and call forwarding. 
  • CRM integration- Without proper CRM integration, a call center software won’t be able to help up to the extent to which it is meant to be. Its assistance would be half good. 
  • Compatibility – Call center software which is compatible with the leading OS and data-driven types is definitely the right choice to make. 

We did extensive research and have hand-picked top five call center software that you can trust in 2020. Here are those fantastic five. 

 # 1- CallHippo 

 The first is grabbed by CallHippo for obvious reasons. Without getting failed at any of the above-mentioned criteria, CallHippo Call Center Software is a clear winner. Around 5000+ businesses across the globe have already trusted upon it and gained access to one of the most advanced feature-rich call center set-up resources. 
If you’re a business who wants to set-up a business at any across-the-sea location, CallHippo is a blessing in disguise in two ways. At first, its cloud-based infrastructure will help you set-up a fully functional call center in no time. 
Secondly, its “Global Connect” feature will help a business to find out the time-of-the-day in different time zones. 
 USP– Its impeccable CRM integration is its biggest strong point. No other call center software brings the kind of diversity as CallHippo does. It offers you integration with leading CRM solutions such as Zapier, Zoho CRM, PipeDrive, Slack, and many more. It further makes call and customer handling an easier task. 

# 2- RingCentral 

RingCentral is flexible call center software that can be used on a laptop or mobile without any glitch. Its call center software comes with a 15-days free trial facility and has a very user–friendly interface. 
USP– Its “RingOut,” features that enable one-touch calling. Using this feature, your agents can call on a number without dialing it.  

# 3- Nextiva 

With features like IVR, automatic call routing, and call queuing, Nextiva’s call center software is going to help you manage the call traffic with bare minimum efforts. 
 Though its offerings are impressive, it fails to match CallHippo when it comes to CRM integration. You will get only Google Contacts and MS Outlook integrations. 
USP– Better call optimization. 

 # 4- 8×8 

Ideal for businesses who own an international call center, 8×8 offers you the free international calling facility. With its call info tool, your agents will get to know about all kinds of customer details in front of them. Hence, they can initiate a personal conversation. 
 USP– Unlimited free international calling. 

# 5-Bitrix24

 Bitrix24 is equipped with every resource that a business needs for better team collaboration. It offers you an on-cloud and on-site call center solution. It offers a whole bunch of features that support team collaboration at every level.
 USP– It can offer you your own data storage solution. 

 Final verdict 

 Having the right kind of call center software makes a huge difference in the business’s success and market presence. Hence, one must not make a hurried decision at this front. 
 Our list of hand-picked top five call center software is capable of streamline communication in every ecosystem. Though each one is unique and reliable, CallHippo is the leader of the pack. 

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