21 Video Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Whether you want to give pastel colors to your videos or gather actionable analytics, as a marketer, you will require various video marketing tools. In this article, we have mentioned  21 such tools to increase your business and increase audience engagement. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best tools in the industry if you are looking for a video editing app. Although the learning curve is quite steep, you will seldom seek other professional editing tools once you master it. Here you will find an overall complete package of primary and professional editing features.


This media management software can work well to measure the impact of your videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can strategize your video marketing by understanding those social media analytics. An easy-to-use tool like this will allow you to reach out to your target audience.


Animaker can be an excellent source if your video needs a lot of animations. The animation library of this tool hosts all the trendy and exciting animations for any type of video. This online tool also lets you customize the animations and add texts, stats, and graphs.


Performing basic video editing tasks like trimming, rotation, speed, contrast, brightness, effects, audio are easier with Filmora’s intuitive user interface. However, the Pro edition can also be an excellent choice for additional features. For a feasible solution, you can check out its mobile version, FilmoraGo.

Final Cut Pro

For many businesses and content creators, Final Cut Pro is an excellent alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. If your business set up is integrated into the Apple ecosystem, you can take significant advantage of this editing software. Final Cut is famed as a potent tool in the industry.


iMovie could be a smart choice if you want to benefit from the Apple environment yet not willing to invest the money and time to master software like Final Cut Pro. The simplicity of the user interface attracts beginners in video marketing.


FlexClip is a simple and free online video maker that helps everyone create professional-looking videos in just a few minutes, whether it’s a promo video, real estate video, training video, company video, or personal video. You can easily cut a clip from your video and make it more dynamic with a combination of text animation and voice recording.


Do you want to lessen the editorial task on your part? Magisto can automatically pick and choose effects according to the video style while you sit back. This automated ‘Surprise Me’ feature can produce excellent videos for your marketing. Moreover, if you do not like it, there is an option to do manual changes.


Like Magisto, Moovly is a cloud-based video editing tool. There are millions of royalty-free photos, clips, illustrations, and sounds to browse and choose for your video. If you do not like to start from scratch, you can use the available professionally made video templates. Moovly allows you to modify the templates too.


Placeit comes in a similar situation to Moovly. It boasts of a library containing 54K templates ready to use. Placeit can be your one-stop-shop for marketing needs like video, flyer, mockup, logo, business card, and social media image. 


PowToon is a viable tool for making animated videos. You can pick from the already present video types like presentation, corporate video, explainer video, infographics, social video, or ads. The intuitive interface will guide you through the video-making process.


Renderforest also comes into the competition to let users make animated videos. This tool makes it easy to integrate animations and graphics into your videos. Although web-based, this feature-packed tool can help you boost your marketing videos.


If you are troubled with brand promotions, Shakr can help you. With almost 1000 video designs, this tool can give a makeover to your branding videos. Its easy customization features let you add images and texts to your clips. The video rendering is fast, even for batch operations.


Slidely is designed to let you create quick videos on the web. On Slidely, your existing photos and clips can be made into a video with your choice of audio. It has a feature to post videos and slideshows directly to various social media platforms. 


SproutVideo is dedicated to enhancing your video marketing game. It is one of the best live and on-demand video hosting tools for business. The platform is incredibly intuitive for hosting your videos, along with the capacity for social sharing and embed code sharing options. The built-in CTAs and End Cards are beneficial for audience engagement.


uStudio is another solution for managing and live streaming your marketing videos. This uncomplicated tool can upload videos in bulk and manage them with customization tools. The ability to handle large video libraries, intricate workflows and custom metadata can easily make uStodio the video asset management tool for your marketing.


Available across all the major OS platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows,  Videoshop is a feature-packed editing tool. A range of options such as animated texts, merge, voiceover, display adjustment, slow/fast motion, and much more truly makes it a shop for your marketing.


If you are particularly looking for a YouTube video marketing tool, VidIQ can be the one. Increasing your organic reach, detecting popular keywords, and keeping an eye on other real-time statistics – VidIQ can do all. It indeed is a YouTube booster for any marketer.


Viewbix is video analytics and interactive video platform. The video data gathered by Viewbix is highly actionable for the future marketing of your videos. Moreover, you can leverage its cross-platform distribution capacity to garner more views for videos.


Vimeo is a famed video hosting site that marketers should use. The capable built-in video player of Vimeo lets you add CTAs, embed it in social media networks, integrate with email marketing software, and capture email addresses. You can get started on Vimeo with a subscription plan.


Vidyard can serve as an alternative to Vimeo with features like performance analytics, SEO optimization, and incorporation of other personalized elements to the video player. It can also be integrated with other marketing tools.


Wistia combines video editing with analytic tools. The multipurpose nature brings impressive results. Wistia enables the dual benefits of video creation and marketing for any business.
While tools are necessary elements for video marketing, you can not go a long way without any marketing strategy. You can go to invideo.io/blog/video-marketing and learn how to use these tools with proper marketing strategies.

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