5 Free Resources for Teachers

These days, teaching is harder than ever, as many teachers face unreasonable expectations with limited time in order to give our nation’s children the education they deserve. Thankfully, the internet has provided a wide array of resources and free workshops for teachers that can make their lives easier and help educate our children. As such, here are five free resources for teachers.


ReadWriteThink contains a ton of information for teachers, including lesson plans, classroom resources, and other professional development. It is clearly professionally maintained and updated constantly in order to have information on current events that may come up in the classroom. It is also easy to navigate, having been sorted by content and grade area. You can even explore its resources based on learning objectives, like critical thinking, comprehension, and collaboration. 

Adobe EdEx

Adobe EdEx is a website run by Adobe, a popular software company. EdEx is short for education exchange and it offers a huge array of resources on its website, including general subject assistance and resources on digital media. This information is all sorted by grade, meaning that it can be age-appropriate, for kids in elementary school through college. It also offers a plethora of “self-paced” curriculum around using its Adobe Acrobat programs.


Yes, Reddit is typically known for its pictures of cute dogs and hilarious memes. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t real use on the network. A variety of subreddits can be exceptionally useful for teachers, such as /r/teachers and /r/TeachingResources. These subreddits not only provide links to useful content but can give teachers a chance to talk to each other and discuss lesson plans, strategies…or just blow off some steam!


Epic is a free website that gives teachers access to thousands of eBooks. All that teachers have to do in order to gain access to these resources is register. The website guarantees access to books across numerous topics, including emotional learning and a variety of subject-based learning. It even has audiobooks for those who are interested. The website also boasts more than one million teachers that have registered. Clearly, this one is popular. 

Teachers Helping Teachers

This website – now celebrating its 30th year in existence – essentially acts as a resource hub for teachers. After registering, teachers can essentially access resources that they share together. These include lesson plans on a variety of subjects, such as social studies, math, art, and more. It also has forums where teachers can simply talk and exchange ideas. 
Unfortunately, it appears as if this website hasn’t been updated in a few years. However, the lesson plans on the site are still relevant, and the information has been archived, meaning that teachers will be able to view its contents today.
Teaching is hard enough these days. Fortunately for hard-working teachers, a variety of internet-based resources exist that can help them do their jobs. 

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