5 Great SEO Strategies for Law Firm Websites

How often have you been browsing a website and found no originality from the tens of others you’ve seen? This is not what you want people to feel when they are visiting your site. You need to be authentic and as original as possible to reel in potential clients’ interests.

Best Practices for Writing Legal Marketing Content

As with any business start-up by any entrepreneur, it is crucial to equip yourself with the skills necessary to keep the business afloat. Law firms are not any different. The more information you have about what it takes to run a law firm, the better. Digital marketing is a great example, as it is perhaps one of the most sure-fire ways to put your business out there and attract clients. 

You need to provide engaging content that will glue your clients on your site. Put your best foot forward and incorporate practices that will elevate your law firm’s online presence. The following are the top recommendations for content writing for law firm websites.

  1. Social Media
Social Media
Social Media

What a time we live in. The growth in technology is quite the trend to keep up with. What started merely as a platform to easily reach out to your friends and loved ones by bridging the geographical gap is now a gigantic marketing force. You are doing yourself an injustice if you haven’t already hooked your business up with a social media page. 

As with most people on earth, your target audience most likely spends a lot of time on these social media platforms. So why not help them kill two birds with one stone by advertising your law firm on there to help you scoop more clients? Use social media for lawyers to give your law firm the needed edge. LinkedIn especially.

  1. Legal Directories

People are always looking to locate law firms on the internet, and what better than for them to find your law firm listing, complete with your location and address? You are more likely going to be sought after a lot more than an unlisted firm.

  1. Google My Business 
Google My Business
Google My Business

SERPs are great tools that guarantee your law firm is visible to anyone looking, even if you don’t have ads! All you need to do is claim your business and keep updating your information while interacting with your clients. This will surely make you appear more approachable and, in turn, win over new clients.

  1. Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

You May be online doing your thing when suddenly you get a notification informing you of a new product or service for a known business. Strive to make this your law firm’s online presence. Regularly send out newsletters and make special offers to your segmented lists they would feel crazy to turn down. Revise your strategies often, maintain consistency, and watch your business grow.

  1. Guest Posting

This entails putting out your law firm’s content on other websites to create awareness of your services and what you do. It is a very lucrative way to market your business, as you can reach a wider and more diverse audience. Simply check out guest blogging policies and try your luck. It just may be the boost your business needs.

Use SEO Content to Secure Your Firm’s Future

The world is, unfortunately, still somewhat hesitant to trust the legal industry. By providing your potential clients with the type of information they’re looking for in a manner that encourages trust, you can put your law firm on the frontline. This process will boost your business and get you more clients. 

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh

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