A Risk-Controlled Strategy Of Retail Investors To Become Rich In Forex Trading

In 2015, the Swiss National Bank did not provide a warning regarding the removal of the 1.200 euros cap. It was after this that retail foreign exchange trading became news. Compared with financial institutions and companies, the volume of the forex trades of retail investors is quite low. But, its fame is gradually rising. These investors leverage technical factors (price patterns, technical indicators, resistance, and support) and fundamentals (monetary policy expectations, inflation rates, and interest rate parity) to trade in currencies. 

Development of the Retail Forex Market

Previously, banks charged high amounts, which had repelled retail investors from the forex market. Retail forex trading blossomed when retail aggregators developed online trading platforms such as OANDA and FXCM. Such platforms had a provision to trade in smaller volumes. The principle was to add several smaller transactions and then lay them off in the inter-dealer market. It resulted in a larger size of the trades. So, dealers were inclined to offer liquidity to retail aggregators. These retail aggregators are institutions operating only on trading platforms on the Internet. They combine a broker model with the dealer model or act as forex brokers.

One can easily conclude that retailers cannot become forex trading experts within a short period. It is here that Pearl Lemon Invest provides its services. It helps in forex trading for retail investors who are novices and want to begin with a small amount of money and are desirous of big bucks.

Features of Forex Trading for Retailers

Generally, you can ensure reasonable success by working for about 2 hours per day. It is obvious that the more you are engaged in this activity, the more your profit will be.

You can be active in forex trading from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. If you are in the United States, the right time to begin is 5 p.m. ET because this is when the Australian and Asian markets open. The correct time of closure is about 4 p.m. ET on Friday.

If you compare forex with stocks, forex has a lesser variety of risk levels and options. But, it needs lesser capital than stocks to commence trading. You can do forex trading for 24 hours daily, but stock trading time is much lesser. 

Your win rate indicates the count of trades you win out of a specific total. An example is of 55 percent win rate if you win 55 out of 100 trades. For most forex day traders, it is perfect to have a win rate of more than 50 percent. It is quite feasible to reach a win rate of 55 percent.

The capital being risked to gain a specific profit is termed risk/reward. If you have a higher win rate, this is indicative of more flexibility with the risk/reward. A higher value of the risk/reward implies that your win rate can be of a lesser value, and yet, you can make a profit.

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