7 Ways Animated Explainer Videos Supercharge Your Business

Not many of us know the benefits of using animated explainer video services and how they can change the course of our business.

To help you learn why animated explainer videos are beneficial and important to the advancement of your business, below are some exclusive reasons you need to create animated explainer videos to advance your company.

  1. Your customers are searching for explainer videos.

Checking social platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram to decide on products has presently become our lifestyle.

Logics states you must create explainer videos for your company and post them on social media as a Marketer. According to a  2022 GWI Gen Z report, 69% of Gen Zs depend on Instagram to learn about products, and 46% use TikTok.

This will allow you to be available where your customers are and make you provision for their needs since you should give meaningful content befitting to your market and its customers.

  1. Clarifies what your product does in an eye blink

As a marketer, you should be capable of passing well-understood messages that can also be fun, brief and concise.

A more interesting way to communicate with your prospects than having to give them a lengthy presentation is via animated explainer videos. They are the best for it as they help explain briefly and effectively what your product does.

Better still, using illustrations and motion drawings, you can constrict the offerings and perks of your product into explainer videos of 60 to 120 seconds. This enables you to rapidly get your target audience curious and get them to see the full video.

  1. Makes even the most complex topics easy to digest

Another reason animated explainer videos are highly recommended is that they help clarify even the most complex concepts, ideas, and features of your product. To liven any concept and communicate your message properly, you can leverage the power of whiteboard animation, illustrations, 3D and 2D models, and Motion Graphics.

For instance, you can use 3D and 2D models with motion graphics to paint your tool’s interface and give users a feel of its use.

  1. Tells and defines your story

One of the most productive marketing strategies is storytelling. Storytelling lets you give off your brand and service in a way your audience understands and helps you elicit an emotional reaction, making it easy for you to connect with your customers and makes a better impact. But animated explainer videos enable you to take your storytelling to the next level.

Using animated explainer videos takes your story to a whole new level as it helps you do more than tell the story; they allow you to communicate it further.

Marketers often leverage whiteboard animation to draw and explain their thoughts into an innovative explainer video that passes their message and tells the story directly and efficiently – and all this is to give their audience a more realistic feel of the story they’re trying to tell.

  1. Boosts conversion rates

The major reason animated explainer videos are effective for conversion is that they join images, motion, and audio to ensure your message is understandable and notable. They, in other words, leverage visual and verbal cues to efficiently communicate the brand’s message, which has proven to enhance message retentiveness.

You can quickly summarise the A to Zs of your product or service alongside their specific advantages. This is to offer a fascinating understanding to your audience.

Consequently, viewers acquire more awareness and better knowledge of your service or product and are more likely to make a purchase decision. Surprisingly, studies show that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video, and explainer videos transform 20% more visitors into customers than text alone.

  1. Enhances your SEO

Cause of how well-animated explainer videos clearly explain things, an average person, other than reading a 4000-word blog post, would spend more time watching videos on your site. And as people click on and spend time watching videos on your site, this enhances your click-through rate and how much time people spend on your website. These are strong signs that your site has quality content people value and are ready to spend time looking up on it.

Therefore, Google loves and ranks videos on the SERP because it responds better to users’ needs. And for this reason, a page with video content is more likely to spotlight the SERP than a page without video.

  1. Tells the narrative of your brand

Animated explainer videos help create a brand personality for your company, which can help win over prospects, display the characteristics of your target audience, and boost sales.

Working hand in hand, the characters, storyline, and animations in your video create an image that aids prospects in exclusively visualising your brand. This will help boost the awareness of your brand and help you leap out from the competition. You can, without stress, set your company apart from competing brands, giving your prospects a unique image to associate your brand with.

Nike and Adidas are two companies that effectively do this. Whenever we think about sportswear and jerseys,

These are the top companies we think of whenever we talk about jerseys and sport wears because of their brand personality.

Do you have any reason why you still need to create your first animated explainer video today?

Now you know a few solid reasons why creating an animated explainer video for your business is an excellent idea.

You can efficiently communicate your message by leveraging animation videos, and customers will better comprehend your offering as a remedy to their problem, attracting more customers.

You can create your animated videos by leveraging the power of VideoScribe. However, if you need an expert to help craft your animated explainer videos, check out this video production company and what they charge.

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