Best password managers for Android devices

Keeping your passwords safe is at the heart of your cybersecurity, especially if you are an Android user. This explains the importance of securely storing your password in formidable password managers. 

Don’t deny it; we are terribly in love with the internet. Of course, it is almost inevitable to stay off the digital world with banking, communication, health, and even gambling – typical of betting with the finest bookmakers such sites as with the review at – increasingly becoming digitized. 

Yes, the digital world is beautiful. But it comes with significant risk. Prominently, there is the risk of being hacked. Hacking is commonly perpetrated by compromising your passwords.

Of course, we know the next question on your mind: which are the best password managers you can get for your Android device? 

We extensively investigated the internet, and here are the best we found out.


Admittedly, 1Password is one of the most renowned native Android password managers. Over a hundred thousand businesses use this manager to protect their sensitive data

Ease of deployment, broad range of integration, and access management are some of the biggest attractions of 1Password. It readily integrates with platforms like Rippling, Okta, and Azure Active Directory.

We love the way it auto-fills your login details. This saves you the rigors of toggling between apps or within browser taps. In the scarce instances where it doesn’t auto-fill, you can leverage the split-screen functionality to drag and drop your login details into the designated apps. Seamless! 

But there is even more. The Android client of 1Password is girded with in-built tagging, sorting, and search capabilities. And if you are keen on visibility, you may fancy leveraging Android’s dark theme and the password-enlargement feature to make your passwords more visible.  

1Password comes at a monthly $2.99 for the individual package and $4.99 for a family package.


Without a doubt, this is one of the oldest password managers around. This manager is fortified with top-notch security features like two-factor authentication and 256-bit AES encryption.

If you have any account that deploys third-factor authentication, you can tap into the LastPass Authenticator app for identity confirmation. 

Some other features we fancy in LastPass include its auto-fill, random username generation tool, and password generator. And if you need a “detective” to sound you the alarms when your account information lands on the Dark Web, LastPass Security Dashboard will readily do that for you.

Few password managers can rival LastPass’s unlimited storage capacity with its free plan. That said, several higher-level security features are reserved for the paid plan. This starts at an affordable $3 monthly fee.


This is another reliable password manager for Android users. Let us start with its emphasis on security. 

Enpass is armed with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption. But it doesn’t end there. Furthermore, Enpass beefs security up with the SQLCipher extension. 

Moving on to storage, Enpass stands out for never uploading your personal information to its servers. This means every piece of data you keep with Enpass is locally stored on your android device. 

Considering the possibility of data loss, you may leverage a backup file. This backup file is thoroughly encrypted and only accessible within Enpass via your master password.

Enpass also comes with auto-fill, password generator, and password audit capacities. It is one of the cheapest password managers around.

You can either go with paying a piecemeal monthly subscription of $1 or simply dole out a one-time subscription fee of $55.99.

Password Safe

It is worth ending our compilation with a guy as tough as Password Safe. At the start, Password Safe was exclusively designed for Windows devices. Over time, compatibility was extended to Android and iOS devices.

It also presents features like auto-fill, auto backup, and password generator. It is worth noting that for a password manager as cheap as Password Safe, you can yet enjoy advanced features like biometric verification and 2-factor authentification.

Just like Enpass, Password Safe doesn’t keep your personal data in the cloud. This leaves you with the option of syncing your devices across your local network. 

Sadly, Password Safe lacks an inbuilt recovery system. Therefore, if you forget your master password, you could be in serious trouble. 

That said, Password Safe is decked with an automatic logout feature and self-destructs stale information. 

Password Safe is essentially free on Android. But if you want to enjoy superior levels of protection, it is recommended that you upgrade to the Pro Edition. Relax, this will cost you only a meager one-time subscription fee of $3.99.

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