Best Programming Certifications For 2023

The need for programmers is high globally, and it’s not a temporary need in the present context. Further, it is believed that programmers will be ascending in the coming years. Certifications don’t just show your performance or interest in programming but are also an edge to work as a professional programmer. 

“As stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the programmers’ rate is supposed to be increased by 24% from 2016 to 2026.” 

To be an established software engineer, the initial step is to get programming certifications. Apart from setting up a professional career, programming gives the best financial support as it is one of the highest-paid jobs.

Why Do You Need Programming Certification?

As the competition and need for programmers increase briskly, the competition is equally expanding. You will probably have a strong resume that reflects you as a better applicant than other competitors if you have programming certifications. 

Similarly, apart from standing out as competitors and having a professional career, another benefit of programming is financial stability. The income of software engineers is quite higher than other professional jobs. Getting a promotion is also easier if you have better programming certifications.

You will get a chance to work in reputable IT companies that strengthen your skills even more. Besides, the more you develop skills and learn new things, the more chances for getting referrals, which again is beneficial for your programming career path. 

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Best Programming Certifications for 2023

Here are some of the best programming certifications for 2023.

1. Microsoft Technology Associate Developer (MTA)

The entry-level certification or the one who requires fresh direction to build their knowledge on IT career is choosing MTA. Microsoft Certified Technology Associate generally is based on technical knowledge of IT Infrastructure, Developer, and Database. 

The MTA certificate is made on several tracks and a single track. Software development, mobile app, gaming development, Windows development, etc., are some of the works done by MTA. 

Some of the certifications or skills you need beforehand to get a Microsoft certified developer are listed below.

  • Windows Operating System Fundamentals
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Web Development Fundamentals
  • Security Certifications Fundamentals
  • Mobility and Device Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals

2. C and C++ Certifications

Most schools and universities have certain credit hours for C and C++ courses. The courses give basic information on the programming language; however, C and C++ learned to an advanced level enhances IT knowledge and makes you qualified for getting high-paid jobs at reputed IT companies.

One of the primary advantages of learning C and C++ is that the language is rarely updated over the years. This doesn’t give you a burden for learning and updating new knowledge much, and the skills and programming certifications in C and C++ are perfect for life-long.

The four-tier of certification levels you have to pass for programming certifications in C and C++ are,

  • C Programming Language Certified Associate (CLA)
  • C Certified Professional Programmer (CLP)
  • C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CPA)
  • C++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP)

3. AWS Certified Developer Associate

The use of cloud-based applications in business enterprises is increasing day by day. With the need for a cloud platform, the competition for AWS Certified Developer Associate is also increasing. AWS Certified Developer is responsible for managing, updating, or changing Amazon Web Services including mobile app or gaming platforms developed as cloud-based applications.

Likewise, people holding AWS programming certifications are considered to perform better on Amazon Web Services. The expertise is technically skilled to design, maintain and build any applications on a cloud platform.

The essential skills required for AWS Certified Developer-Associate are,

  • Deployment
  • Debugging
  • Security
  • Databases

4. Cloudera Developer Certified for Apache Hadoop 

Programming certification on Cloudera best reflects your skills on Hadoop. When you are specialized in Cloudera, you will be able to manage any of the Apache Hadoop projects as a project manager. The fundamental tasks for certified Cloudera developers are data analysis and data mining.

A certified Cloudera programmer will manage, implement, develop, and maintain projects of Apache Hadoop. Besides these works, you will work as a project manager and are supposed to optimize projects and manage data. Unlike other programming certifications, Cloudera requires no prerequisites; however, one needs to pass the certification exam.

Some of the skills required for Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop are listed below.

  • Cloudera is best suited for Data Analysts who know scripting languages such as Ruby or Bash Scripting, or Perl.
  • Programmers should have experience and knowledge of data modeling and databases.
  • They should have knowledge of data science for Data Scientist and Data Analyst training.
  • The user should have a basic knowledge of Linux and work with the Linux command line. 

5. Puppet Labs Puppet Developer

The programming certification on Puppet Labs Puppet Developer is essential and equally valuable these days compared to other programming certifications. Puppet software is used by thousands of large organizations that increase the chance of getting jobs in a competitive environment and enhance the programmers’ skills and experiences. 

As a certified Puppet Labs Puppet Developer, you will be able to derive certified solutions for IT automation software. In addition, the software engineers will be able to use Ruby for creating Puppet IT automation software. Apart from executing the framework, you must manage and configure the framework. 

You need to pass the certification exam entitled Puppet Professional 2019 Certification to be certified. Other skills you need to get developer certified as Puppet Labs Puppet Developer are,

  • Puppet Fundamentals for System Administration.
  • Basic skills in DevOps principles.
  • Puppet Extension Using Ruby.
  • You should be able to use modules and troubleshoot Puppet code.
  • Puppet developers should specify dependencies and perform module testing in Puppet code.

6. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Another entry-level certification is Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect. Working on Google or getting certified sounds great because it provides dynamic learning skills for programmers. 

You should have knowledge and years of experience in software development. Once certified for Google, you will be able to work on Google’s fundamental platform. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification makes you technologically sound and expert on managing and working on cloud platforms, including running mobile apps, designing, and so on. 

To be certified for Google Professional Cloud Architect, you should have the following ability to perform a task.

  • You should be able to design solution architecture.
  • Analyze, manage and optimize business processes as well as could solution infrastructure.
  • The use should be acknowledged with multi-tiered distributed applications.
  • Cloud architects must be able to plan cloud-certified solutions infrastructure. 
  • You should have knowledge of GCP decision flowcharts and their architectural environment based on case studies. 


Programming is a highly paid and reputed job with equally tough skills. It takes you time, hard work, and dedication to achieve success or build your career path. To succeed in programming, you need to be certified to work professionally, for which you should meet certain criteria and pass certification exams. 

If you are worried about selecting the best career in IT, go through the information and decide. I have listed out the 6 best programming certifications for 2023; read and explore your knowledge of IT. 

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