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One of the ways to impress the customers of many businesses and online business stores is to create their own logos. To have an impressive and beautiful logo is a creative process that is simple to remember but full of meaning. 

A logo showing your business is the face of the company. It is also the easiest thing to bring your business products around. To create a logo, you can hire a designer or create your own with design software. Either way, here are a few must-haves when creating an impressive logo.

The height and width of a logo

The dimensions on the logo should be proportional and visually proportional to each other. Setting a creative proportion when designing a logo is suitable for that artwork or business cards. A square or a circular logo is considered more intuitive and powerful, commonly used in websites and media profiles.

Actually, if you have time with logo design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, you can still design your own logo, but the main problem is creating logo design ideas. It’s okay whether you have an idea or no idea for a logo if you find a company specializing in logo design or a creative brand identity team. They will help you.

Simple logo style

Simple logo style

Similar to the field of website design, corporate logo design trends often choose simple styles. This further secures your brand as a simple logo is usually easy to remember. Most of the famous logos or brands have simple logos. When designing web or printing brochures, and advertising panners, simple logos are also easier to print.

The logo is a representation of the whole company

Some logo symbols do not convey the area of their companies, but looking at the logo, everyone knows what company or brand the logo belongs to. 

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If you pay attention, you can easily see that the McDonald’s logo has no image of burgers or fries. FedEx doesn’t have trucks, planes, or envelopes. The Google logo doesn’t include pictures of computers, mouse pointers, or anything related to the internet. Besides, there are also some logos that just need to look at the logo to know the company’s business field.

Logo Size

Determining the size is an important step when starting to design a company logo. Note that a beautiful, impressive logo will still be recognizable when printed at a small size or some brand. 

If your logo is just a blur of a black streak when printing at a small size, then you should consider the size when designing the logo. For a good example, the NIKE logo is still recognizable when printed at the smallest size.


The color in the logo is very important too. Make sure that when your logo is white, black retains its character and impression. Three, four, or five colors on a logo look great, but it costs more to produce than logos with only two colors.

Metaphorical logos

The colors and images on the logo carry a certain meaning, and the special thing is that the companies and groups that have the simplest logo design. The more profound and sublime they are. Dots and lines may have profound meanings to you, but they are rarely accepted by the audience, which is also something to avoid when starting out with logo design.

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