Efficient Assignment Planning with Any.do

Is it time to get back to the books and finish writing your assignments? Assignment planning will save you from hours of anxiety, and guess what? We have the most helpful online tool to help you plan your academic documents. Whenever you feel yourself struggling with writing your academic paper, remember that Any.do has got you covered and shall help you in all aspects of academic writing. Let’s start from the basics. 

What is Any.do?

Any.do is a web-based platform that is aimed at managing tasks and projects for users. The app is also available for mobile users. If you want to integrate several other applications with Any.do, you will be able to do so, as it helps you to do your work effectively and manage your time. When struggling with writing your academic documents, the best thing to do will be to switch to using Any.do and make your life easier. 

The Role of Planning in Successful Assignment Writing

Are you wondering why it is important for you to plan and structure your academic documents before you start writing them? Let’s discuss in detail why it is necessary for you to plan the papers beforehand and how it can help you finish your work faster. 

Enhances the Brainstorming Process

Planning your academic documents helps you brainstorm new ideas and gather the existing ones to be incorporated into your papers. It gives a logical sequence to the arguments in your papers and helps you organise the information in the right manner. 

A Structured Academic Document

If you want to include the information in your academic papers, know that assignment planning will play an important role in it. It is because you classify the information into different classes based on the category and nature of such arguments. 

Sound Main Arguments

When you plan your college assignments beforehand, you spend time collecting the relevant data for your topic. Researching the topic helps you gain command over the subject and present impressive plus impactful arguments in your papers. 

Easy Writing

Assignment planning is advisable because you might have noticed that it makes writing an academic document easy for you. It is no rocket science to understand that planning helps you quickly put your ideas onto paper and facilitates the writing process. 

Completing the Documents On Time

What do you think when you have researched the topic beforehand, collected the main arguments, and planned the structure of the academic documents? It will let you finish your papers faster, and you won’t miss any deadlines for the papers. 
How to Use Any.Do for Efficient Assignment Planning

Now that you are fully aware of the importance of assignment planning, it is time to discuss the helpfulness of Any.do in meeting your objectives. This app can help you in the following five ways to streamline the process of assignment planning for you: 

Making Lists and Folders

When you start using this app, the very first thing that you should do is create a smartboard for your academic tasks. Make a new list for each subject and keep adding tasks to the lists as the semester goes by. It shall help you keep track of your progress and monitor your daily activities. When you want to see what remains to be accomplished, just click on a list, and you will see all the tasks yet to be completed. 


Do you want to complete your academic assignments on time? Make use of the Subtasks feature in the Any.do app. It helps the students better structure their tasks and keeps them from getting overwhelmed by breaking the tasks into sub-tasks and helping them accomplish them timely. For instance, if you are preparing yourself for an exam, you can use the sub-tasking feature to mark the relevant chapters for studying so that you don’t miss anything. 

Adding New Files

When you want to make your life easier and work quickly, make use of the Add New features to the app. By using it, you shall be able to add images, documents, files, voice, and video records to keep all the helpful material in one place. It shall help you quickly access all the relevant files without wasting any further time. 

Setting the Reminders

Setting reminders helps you keep track of the to-do activities. Suppose it’s your exam, and you have scheduled certain activities and books to read before the exam starts. Set reminders for all the tasks you have to do and complete them on time using the Any.do app. 

Integrations with Calendar

Do you know what is the best feature about the Any.do platform? It’s the Calendar Integration feature. You will no longer need to schedule all the activities separately in the calendar; now, you will be able to do it in the Any.do the app itself. This integration helps you see all your planned tasks, events, and tests in one place. Do not hesitate to take help from cheap assignment writing services in the UK when finishing the papers on time appears challenging to you. 

Any.do App: Updated Features in 2023

The developers of Any.do app reimagined the features of this platform and has updated it to suit your needs best. You will see the following updates in the new version of this productivity platform: 

My Day

This best update in the platform helps you allocate time and effort to specific projects in a day. It increases your productivity. 


Workspace has the best elements for you to collaborate with your team and work effectively. You will be to invite the members using links and organise your work in a better way. 


Boards are where you can manage almost all of your projects in one place using a system of custom workflows. You can add your team members to work with you here. 


Using Any.do, you can quickly plan the assignment and finish writing the academic documents on time. Now that you are aware of the benefits of this platform ensure that you take the necessary help and streamline the journey of your academic success. With the help of this productivity tool, assignment planning and writing will become a breeze for you, and it shall help you become more productive, organised, and successful. 

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