Guide on How to Run Ads on Social Media

With the number of people that are active on social media each day and the amount of time they spend on it, it makes total sense to leverage that platform for your business goals. 

Facebook & Instagram are the 2 most-used social media platforms where companies run ads without fail, so if you want to do the same, we’ve got you covered. 

Disclaimer: Running ads on social media is a bit complicated with too many details and features, so it is highly recommended to train in Facebook & Instagram Ads professionally to learn A-Z about how to run ads. 

For all readers who want a brief about it, continue reading our rundown on how to run ads on social media. 

Steps To Follow To Create Ads on Social Media 

Steps To Follow To Create Ads on Social Media
  1. Make an account on Facebook Ads Manager

The best part about running ads on Facebook & Instagram is that there’s one single dashboard to manage both which is Facebook Ads Manager. All you need to do is open business accounts on Facebook & Instagram, open a Facebook Ads manager, and integrate your accounts there. 

Set up the account with all the needed details correctly, and you’re set. You can now create and run ads on both platforms via this dashboard. 

  1. Select your type & goal

When you create your very first ad, you will need to select the type of ad and the objective. In the types of ad, there are some options like a video ad, an image ad, a mix of both, and a lot more. 

After you’re done selecting that, you also need to pick a goal/objective. Do you want to create awareness, convert a user, generate higher traffic, get better views, generate leads, and a lot more? Choosing the objective of your campaign correctly is very important to achieve results aptly. 

  1. Choose your Audience 

The next step is to identify, define and add your audience. Target audience can be selected by adding multiple filters. A few of them are – age, gender, profession, location, educational qualifications, likes/preferences, etc. 

So you can go as niche as you’d like. Another way is to use their custom audiences option. Here, you can upload a database of your existing users or the specific people you want to target and run ads for them as well.  

  1. Fix your Budget 

This step is one of the most crucial ones. A concept of bidding is followed on social media ads. You must tell the platform how much you’re willing to pay every time a user clicks or interacts with your ad. 

Specify a bid in comparison to your competitors for better preference. Once you’ve set the bid, you need to add your budget. It can be a daily budget. 

So for example, your bid can be 100 rupees and your daily budget can be 1000 rupees. There are more options when it comes to budgeting & bidding depending on your campaign objectives. 

  1. Select the date & duration

Add the dates and times you’d like to run your ad campaign. You can choose individual days as well. 

You must note that even after selecting certain dates, you can modify them in the future as per your convenience. Although, if your budget ends before the specified date, the campaign will automatically pause. 

  1. Add the Ad Creatives

Finally, it’s time you feed in your ad creatives. Depending on your chosen ad space, for example, stories, posts, carousel, etc. You will have to make creatives for those. Guidelines and best practices for each are given and you must comply with them. 

Also, you should definitely try this hack. Opt for A/B testing if you’re unsure which creative might work best. 

  1. Check End Report

The Facebook ads manager tool also gives you detailed reports and tracking options to check how your campaign did. Use this data to draw conclusions & analyze your future steps. It is also helpful for reporting which is important for almost every marketer. 

Pick out aspects that worked well for you, especially those that backfired, to avoid investing in it in the future. 

To Conclude

Paid advertising is not the only way to market on social media. You can also get some amazing results via organic ways. 

So if you’d like to know all there is about organic & paid social media, learn social media marketing with industry experts and practitioners. 

Also, check our article on factors to consider when selecting an Instagram growth service. Leave us your views in the comments section below.

Karan Shah
Karan Shah

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