How to get a job at Walmart: All you need to know about Interview Questions, process, and more

Landing a job at a giant company like Walmart is not easy. You will need to prepare hard for it.

Walmart is a leading multinational company that is always looking to hire the best employees for its company and team. However, the company interview is not easy to clear at all. 

Every year, many programmers apply for different job roles at the company. However, due to the lack of preparation guides and tips, they cannot crack the interview at Walmart.  

Those searching for the right preparation guide should stick with this content piece to prepare themselves for the Walmart interview. 

Walmart Interview Process

It is important for the candidates to know about the interview process of the company they are applying for. With the brief interview process, you can prepare yourself the right way for it. After applying for the technical job role, you will have to appear for the different interview rounds listed below. 

  1. Online Test

This is the first test you will face once you apply for the position at Walmart. It was mentioned in the different Walmart Interview Experience that most questions asked in the online test were mainly from aptitude. A few questions were related to the topics of reasoning, coding, programming, networking, etc.  

  1. Technical Round

Once you have passed the online test, then you will have to appear for the technical round. There will be 3-4 technical rounds which will be taken by different project leaders and managers. In this round, your technical skills will be tested to determine whether you are a good fit for the job role or not. Most coding questions that may be asked during the interview will be from networking, programming, data structures, etc. You will have to answer all of them better to clear this round.

  1. Managerial Round

You will have to give the managerial round interview when you have passed the technical round. In this round, the candidates will be asked different questions from their submitted resumes. It will also consist of general HR questions. Some HR questions that might be asked are what are your strengths? What are your skills, etc? 

  1. HR Round

This is the last round of the interview. The interview will be taken by HR to know your interests, skills, projects, experience, etc. Apart from it, they will also discuss with you the job profile you have applied for, the company’s working environment, etc. After this round, you will get to know whether you are going to get a job offer or not. 

To crack all these rounds, you will have to follow certain tips listed below.

Tips To Prepare For Walmart Interview

Here are some preparation tips you should follow if you appear for the Walmart Interview. 

  1. Know About The Role

When you are going to appear for the interview, make sure that you have all the essential information about the job role. With the help of the job role, you will be able to ace your required skills for the interview. You can easily research the job role by visiting the company’s official website, through the LinkedIn page, and connecting with an ex or current working employee.

  1. Do The Research 

Research plays a very important role in your interview preparation. Through the research, you will be able to learn about the company’s expectations, job description, what questions are asked in the interview, etc. By knowing about these, you will be able to prepare your answers according to them so that you can outperform during the interview. 

  1. Visit Some Walmart Stores

Candidates who have shared their Walmart Interview Experience have mentioned that the candidates should visit Walmart stores and talk with the executives who are working there. By talking to the executive about the company and its working conditions, you will easily know their expectations from the appearing candidates, what skills they look for in job seekers, etc. 

  1. Go Through The Interview Structure

There are a lot of candidates who don’t go through the interview structures before appearing for the interview. However, we suggest you check the interview structure, most asked questions, and interview experience when you appear for the interview. 

Through all this, you will know how your interview will be conducted, what type of questions will be asked by the recruiter in the interview, and how you should answer them. 

You can also prepare yourself for the interview by reading the different interview experiences of Walmart Interview Experience, Increff Interview Experience, Microsoft Interview Experience, etc. 

  1. Improve Programming Skills

Programming skills is one of the most required skills for the technical and online test round. You should begin with learning the different programming concepts and solving different coding challenges. You can easily do this with the help of famous coding websites like HackerRank, Coding Ninja, HackerEarth, etc. Make sure to practice the problems consistently regularly. By this, you will be able to prepare yourself properly for the technical round. 

  1. Practice Most Asked Questions

When doing your interview preparation, make sure that you have solved the most asked questions of the company. You can take a look at some of the most asked questions of the Walmart Interview below. 

  • The main difference between C and C++.
  • How can you avoid memory leaks?
  • What are the wild pointers?
  • What are Process and Thread?
  • How is memory allocated to Linked List?


Walmart is a well-known company and most programmers are trying hard to get a job there. Without adequate preparation, you will not be able to do this. Go ahead with your interview preparation with our given tips. 

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