How to Turn A Picture into A Pencil Sketch?

We all know that gaining followers, likes, viewers, as well as engagement on our page needs creative and new content every day. People want to see something new each day so that they can be entertained and left in a state of awe.

A lot of social media influencers struggle with gaining views, likes, as well as followers especially on Instagram. Little do they know that by using the simplest of tricks they can easily attract a lot of audience.

Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to turn your picture into a sketch. Keep on reading to find out more about the online tools that you can use to change, edit, tweak as well as apply different effects to your photos.

Why you need to pencil sketch your pictures?

A Pencil sketch is a unique way to tell the audience that the picture you posted is realistic and really sketched with a pencil. Therefore, you can attract a lot of audiences with this effect as it is also a newly found interesting trend on the internet and social media.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI

We will tell you how to turn a picture into a sketch using the online tool Image to Sketch AI. You can use this tool to apply not just the pencil sketch effect but also other cool and amazing effects to your photos.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI
Overview of Image to Sketch AI


By using Image to Sketch AI, you do not have to worry about your photos and images leaking out into the internet because the online tool does not use your pictures for any other purpose other than providing you the upgraded and tweaked version of your photos.

The benefits of using Image to Sketch AI (Simple and easy to use for beginners)

Image to Sketch AI can help you stand out on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, as well as Pinterest, etc. By allowing you to add different effects, filters and customizing color gradients for your picture, Image to Sketch AI is a smart tool here to help you achieve your target audience.

How to use Image to Sketch AI to turn a picture into a sketch?

You will only need to open the Image to Sketch AI website in order to turn your picture into a pencil sketch. After you have accessed the website, you will need to upload your picture in the respected box with the “Import Picture” button. 

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Once you have uploaded your picture, you can click on the “Apply Pencil Sketch Effect” and it will only take a few seconds to give you the result. You can share the photo on your social media apps such as Google Photos, Pinterest, Facebook as well as Instagram. 

Use Photoshop to turn picture into a sketch

You might be wondering how to turn a picture into a sketch in Photoshop? It is quite a long method to use Photoshop manually, but you can achieve the desired pencil sketch effect on your photo.

However, you will need to watch a short demo on YouTube to turn your picture into a pencil sketch to make it look realistic. It can be hectic but the results sure are promising!

Use to turn a picture into a sketch adds beautiful art to your pictures as well. With the help of this pencil sketch effect tool, you can easily attract your audience. The pictures edited from this tool will surely bring out a realistic effect that will be too good to look at for the viewers.

Use Lunapic to turn a picture into a sketch

Lunapic lets you pick an image of your choice and sketch it for you. You can use a form to upload the photo through an image file or URL and let the tool sketch it. Very easy to use and simple with a few clicks here and there.

Use Fotor to turn a picture into a sketch

Any of your photos—including those of people, animals, landscapes, buildings, etc.—can be transformed into sketches with Fotor. 

Simply click on to photo to sketch page, then choose from a variety of sketch-style effects to add to the image. 


It does not matter what tool you use. If you want to save your time then online tools such as Image to Sketch AI, Lunapic, and are perfect for you, and if you want to add the pencil sketch or any other effect on your pictures manually then Photoshop software is what you should use. We hope that this article helped you in some way to achieve the perfect effect for your images and a huge attraction on your social media pages.

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