5 Ways To Improve The Fire Safety of Your Home

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a person is losing their home to a fire.

In 2023 in the US, there was a total of 353,500 residential fires, which led to the loss of 2,840 lives, as well as 11,400 injuries. 

There are some ways to improve fire safety to prevent fires from occurring, such as making sure your home electrical wiring is up-to-date and making sure that no one smokes in the home. Of course, should the worst happen, you will want/need a plan to get you and your family to safety

So, here, you will be walked through some of the most effective and affordable ways to improve your home’s fire safety.

1. Fire Doors and Door Closers

Fire moves quickly. All survivors of fires in a home or building have said that they were shocked at how quickly it moves.

Thus, as you are moving through your home to escape the fire, you will want to put something solid between you and it to stop it from catching you. Fire doors with electromagnetic door closers are ideal here, as both are designed to delay fire and smoke from getting from one door to another. As most fires start in the kitchen, try to ensure that your kitchen door that leads to the rest of the house is a fire door.

2. Smoke Alarms


Of course, you will need to make sure that your home has smoke alarms on all the floors. If you live in a bungalow that is spread out, then you will need to make sure that there are multiple alarms and detectors on the same level. 

Smoke alarms are inexpensive and no longer require specialist batteries to operate, so make sure you have at least two fitted in your home, and be sure to test them regularly!

3. Fire Extinguishers

If you’ve ever been in a workplace and had fire training, you will know that there are multiple kinds of fire extinguishers. So, how do you choose the right one for your home?

Simple! There is an all-purpose fire extinguisher that is suitable for use in the home and is labeled as an ABC extinguisher. Much like the smoke detectors and the fire doors, aim to have the extinguisher in an accessible area in the kitchen!

4. Sprinklers!


A sprinkler system in your home will need to be professionally installed and, frankly, they are the most expensive item here. They are fitted to the home’s internal plumbing system and usually react when the smoke detector is set off. To prevent you and your family from getting drenched due to an overcooked pot roast, having a digital or smart smoke detector may be the best way to ensure that the sprinklers are only activated when there is a fire!

5. Escape Ladders

Fire safety ladders are the perfect addition to an upper floor, as they ensure that residents can escape safely if the lower floor is inaccessible. Make sure that the ladders are placed under windows that can open, check the weight limit of the ladder and, of course, make sure that you and your family know how to use them correctly!

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