5 Key Challenges In Cybersecurity That Businesses Have To Deal With

Cybersecurity has always been the greatest challenge in the online marketing industry. And these challenges will only increase with the increase in online marketing activity.

With the rapid development of modern global connectivity, people have become more engrossed in connecting with each other, and theft has lost sight of how important cybersecurity is. This is just because of how difficult it is to offer cybersecurity to your online data.

According to a cybersecurity breach survey 2018, more than 40% of companies or businesses claim that they have been victims of a cyber attack in one way or another.

Challenges Businesses Face Over Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is something that cannot be taken lightly. Despite knowing the fact, many small businesses still neglect to add Cybersecurity to their business strategy.

Here are a few challenges that businesses face regularly:.

1. Phishing

Metaphorical representation of a phishing attack with a disguised attacker fishing for information from a breached smartphone screen, set in an indoor environment.

Phishing still remains one of the most common cyber attack strategies for cybercriminals to send malicious elements into your system. Over the last decade, the industry has given constant warning about Phishing attacks, but being sophisticated, it is hard for businesses to identify it.

Therefore, businesses must have a team solely for dealing with this kind of issue. In addition to this, businesses should have a spam filtering solution and backup system in place so that if a phishing attack infiltrates your system, you will have backups to get back your data securely.

2. The Cloud Is Not Safe

Cloud storage systems have revolutionized the marketing industry and offer the best solution to store all your sensitive data. The cloud system does offer flexibility and scalability to businesses and make it easy for small business to outsource IT solutions.

However, in recent years, cloud storage has shown some concerns and the loose ends that fraudulent cyber activists can misuse. Hence, while you are using a cloud system for your business, ensure that you have an additional security system to look over your data flow. Invest in code risk platforms like Apiiro to provide complete risk visibility from design to code to cloud.

3. SQL Injection

Today, almost every business has an eCommerce website to boost its sales. Having a website that helps you expand your business is a good idea, but not securing it might backfire. Poorly secured websites are left open to be misused by the attackers.

SQL injection refers to the vulnerabilities injected by the cyber attackers in your system. These vulnerabilities can tamper with your data or simply delete all your sensitive data.

To prevent your business from SQL injection, start considering all your user-submitted data are malicious. This way, you will be forced to use firewall protection to secure your data.

4. Poor PKI Management

The main purpose of the public key infrastructure (PKI) is to protect all your data from cyber-attacks while exchanging with other parties. Each party is given a unique certificate that helps the organization verify the credibility of the parties.

However, the PKI management is done poorly; it creates a loophole for the cyber attackers to use it and infiltrate the system.

5. Malware

Malware is an umbrella term used for any software application that is installed in your system by a third party to perform some unwanted activities. Hence, be proactive in identifying this malware.

Businesses should invest a solid antivirus technology to ensure their system are free from any malicious software. In addition to that, your operating system and firewall need to be strengthened to take immediate measures against any malware problems.

Take Away

Cybersecurity is important for businesses of all sizes. Without the right cybersecurity measures, you are keeping your business at constant risk. You must feel that your small business is not on the radar of cybercriminals, and this is where you make mistakes.

Today, every business has an online presence and deals with data every day. Losing those data means losing your prospective clients.

We hope that this article has shed some light on the challenges you might face with Cybersecurity. If there is anything that could have been added, do let us know.

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