Top 11 Online Time Tracking Systems For Fleet Management In 2024

On fleet management, the managers often track their work hours for different purposes like creating invoices for clients, measuring the time taken to execute a task, or ensuring that a flat-rate project doesn’t become too expensive.

Managing a fleet, be it a small-sized lot or a colossal business, you would definitely need an effective online time tracking systems. 

Here is a list of the top eleven online time tracking systems in 2024 that can assist you in  effective fleet management.

  1. Toggl 

Toggl is a free time tracking app available online with some paid subscriptions to enhance user experience.

If you need to conveniently track your time across diverse projects, Toggl is a great platform for you to use.

With other time tracking apps, you must have a client, project, and task fed into your account before finally being able to track time, which is not the case with Toggl. 

Toggl has amazing idle detection, helping you maintain great accuracy across your records. 

  1. Harvest 

Harvest is one of the top options to choose from for various fleet managers. It’s a stellar option as it’s built to supervise a collaborative workload that is clear to understand. 

As team members execute their personal timekeeping clocks, the entire information flows into the administrator’s Harvest account, presented in summary and detail. 

Harvest automatically reminds team members to submit their timesheets, where the business owner can always edit, review, or approve them at his convenience.

  1. Everhour

Everhour is an online time tracker and a lightweight scheduling app that syncs with your pre-existing productivity applications. 

The task of setting up Everhour to showcase all your projects is done for you automatically due to the seamless integration offered by the platform.

Everhour also syncs with Basecamp, Bitbucket, GitHub, Teamwork Projects, and a couple of other apps. 

Everhour can also track employee availability. For each team member, including you, you can type in a maximum number of hours per day or week to devote to a specific project. 

When it comes to choosing fleet management systems, you can visit Samsara as it is the leading brand in the realm of IoT.

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a great time tracking app that is also famous for its accounting software support. 

This time tracking app facilitates you to add details to tracked sessions and generate reports, providing insights about your working hours.

FreshBooks provides you with a range of options when using the platform online to render flexibility. You can use it as a desktop app, mobile app, or browser extension as well.

Expense tracking and integrated invoicing provide you with two prime reasons to choose FreshBooks. 

  1. Timely

If you use a calendar to distribute time to work on various projects, then Timely might be the ideal time tracker you need. 

Timely congregate scheduling and time tracking into a single app, providing you with a calendar-like view of the overall time spent on tasks. 

You can log a manual entry, run a timer, or plan in advance about how much time to work on different projects. 

Timely integrates with almost all calendars, so all your meetings and planned events automatically show up on the calendar layout. 

It also supports collaboration, where everyone on a small team can track their time, and all the logs then sync to the central admin account. 

  1. ezClocker

ezClocker is a simple to use and affordable time tracking software for small businesses. If your employees are not tech-savvy, then this app is a great choice for you.

You can use the ezClocker kiosk app to turn your tablet into a portable time clock, or you can allow employees to use their own mobile device to clock in.

Employees can clock in with a touch of a button, view their schedule and total hours worked. Employers use ezClocker to view timesheets, create schedules, view over time, and export time entries to process payroll.

Other features include restricting employees from clocking in early to help avoid overtime. This application also allows employees to pick a job when clocking in for labor job costing.

  1. HourStack

HourStack is a collaborative time tracking tool that displays time in blocks as if the time it took for you to work on a particular task were an event on your calendar. 

This software emphasizes planning your time even before you start working. HourStack monitors the clock for you to keep you focused within the expectations you set. 

This software even warns you when you go into overtime by displaying your total time worked for that specific day in red, right at the bottom of the screen.

HourStack integrates with several productivity tools, allowing you to sync tasks or calendar entries from one app into HourStack, or export and import datasets, etc. 

  1. RescueTime 

RescueTime is automatic time-tracking software that runs in the background to observe your computer usage, is sent to RescueTime’s servers, and presented to you over the web-based dashboard. 

Since RescueTime knows about the apps you use, and their screen time, you don’t have to manually log your hours. The app then categorizes your habits based on a set of rules. 

The software becomes most impactful once you train it to recognize your specific habits. Training the software about your fleet management tasks automatically categorizes them all accordingly.

You can get the precise meaning of the telematics definition by visiting Samsara and going through their services and blogs.

  1. Timeneye 

Timeneye works great if you have a small or medium-sized fleet and emphasize more on time management than accounting. 

This time tracking app uses a calendar layout and includes light project management features. 

Timeneye enables you to create clients, projects, and tasks. You can also render project phases, including initial consultation, ideation, development, execution, and delivery. 

Reports in Timeneye let you see how much time was spent working on different projects, in different project phases, or how many hours each team member logged. 

  1. TMetric 

TMetric is a budget time tracking app that helps track time via a web app, desktop apps, and mobile apps. It provides reports and lightweight invoicing tools and supports collaboration.

With TMetric, you can account for every minute of every day by logging your work time and breaks.

You can generate an invoice for a client via your time logs and customize what shows up as line items.

TMetric offers a diversity of integrations with other services, including Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Freshdesk, GitHub, Pipedrive, and many others.

  1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor enables you to track time across your team and markets itself to provide you with a pretty good idea of who their target market is. 

It includes an option to automatically click screenshots to ensure the entire team is on the task if you want to have more control over your remote team.

When it’s paycheck time, you can automatically calculate your payroll based on fixed salaries on hours that have been tracked in Time Doctor.

Final Words

The first step towards allowing your business to grow into technology would be to start with an online time tracking systems. While using just a time-tracking system doesn’t allow you to reap all the benefits of automation, it is a good place to start. 

Once your staff and your business are fully comfortable with the use of automation in the operations, it is essential that you move onto a telematics system that generates reports, tracks location, and also keeps managers updated with the necessary information to run their fleets efficiently, which will in turn significantly improve the overall productivity of your business.

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