Best Shopify Apps that Make Your Dropshipping Store Better

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create online retail stores. Many businesses migrate to hosted e-commerce platforms, and Shopify provides them with one of the greatest platforms available, all without breaking the bank.

Introduction to Dropshipping

Most people who look for information on how to make money online come across the prospect of dropshipping at some time but fail to comprehend what it is.

Essentially, dropshipping is when you function as a store, but instead of worrying about maintaining goods on your premises, you transfer the order to a wholesaler. This order will then be delivered straight to your consumer by the wholesaler.

The apparent advantage of this is that, as previously said, you never have to deal with things directly because you operate as a middleman. Another advantage is that you will earn a profit on the item because you will be purchasing it at a wholesale price and reselling it at a higher price.

Dropshipping is advantageous to small firms that cannot afford to buy in bulk or rent a warehouse to hold things until they can resell them. Although tiny retail enterprises and those that utilize mailing catalogs might benefit from dropshipping, there is little doubt that those with internet-based stores are the most frequent drop shippers.

Because drop shippers don’t have to worry about keeping an inventory for their products, they’re unlikely to need any help other than themselves, which is another method you’ll save money.

Generating Good Sales in Dropshipping with These Shopify Apps

Premade dropshipping stores are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers, who see it as a worthwhile investment and a method to save costs.

For manufacturers, sending things in bulk is costly due to the cost of gasoline if they have their fleet or the cost of engaging a haulage company to transport them. They can employ cheaper means to transport products, such as couriers like UPS because they have fewer things to dispatch.

StartStorez is an app that will make your Shopify business more appealing to the eye and provide a distinctive experience. Many professionals can easily create an efficient and effective Shopify store design for you. Their bespoke dropshipping businesses are the ideal instruments for turning your company ambitions into reality. Also, they offer an all-inclusive solution that includes correct branding, a memorable logo, and a visually appealing and user-friendly layout.

1. Offset

The Offset may help you offset your shipping emissions, contributing to climate change. To quantify the carbon footprint of your shipments, Offset is a Shopify app. Your Offset cost is based on this figure. Orders cost only a few cents, and all proceeds go to forest preservation efforts. Your consumers can see how many trees you have saved, and you may share this information with them via a dashboard provided by Offset.

2. Shopify Email

It is an excellent marketing tool for developing an email list and running email campaigns for your business. With Shopify Email, you can quickly and easily send branded emails to your subscribers right from the Shopify admin area. Pre-made templates in the app use your store’s logo, product photos, and descriptions. The buttons and text may be changed in a matter of minutes.

3. BetterReplay

How often have you wondered why your internet visitors don’t buy from you? BetterReplay allows you to view how customers interact with your Shopify store and what products they look at in real-time by capturing their shopping experiences. You may use this data to increase your store’s conversions and decrease abandoned carts.

4. Easyship

With Easyship, you can utilize a single account to access shipping options pre-negotiated with carriers worldwide. You may also print shipping labels, save product measurements, retrieve invoices and receipts, and generate return orders from a user-friendly dashboard.

5. Super Reports

With Super Reports, you can keep tabs on your store’s sales, inventory, and orders, as well as observe their evolution over time. Real-time reports are retrieved from your Shopify store and sent to you and other stakeholders through email. You can determine the best and worst goods, track inventory levels, and gain valuable business intelligence in a few minutes.

6. NotifyVisitors 

NotifyVisitors is an email marketing app specifically tailored for Shopify users that allows them to stay connected with their customers. 

NotifyVisitors aims to provide a streamlined email outreach program for businesses, providing them with customer data and personalized email campaigns that align with their company’s goals.

For example, the email campaigns offered by NotifyVisitors allow business owners to target customers who have not made recent purchases and present tailored offers or discounts to ensure customer loyalty and encourage future transactions.

Top 6 Reasons for Shopify’s Popularity

The global eCommerce market is estimated to reach a growth of 5.7 trillion by the end of 2022, while online market sales will grow to $27,147.9 billion in the next five years. While we know this, the question arises who exactly is driving the majority of the marketplace, and how?
Shopify is the world’s third-largest eCommerce venture, with almost four million businesses across 175 countries. New and seasoned entrepreneurs can quickly form an independent store that users can customize with easy-to-use features for both seller and customer. Look at the top revenue strategies for 2023, and you’ll see that creating cohesive customer experiences is an active marketing strategy for all eCommerce businesses.

Many entrepreneurs and startups worldwide have chosen Shopify to expand or relocate their operations online. But why is it so popular, especially when there are so many alternative options?

1. It is reasonably priced.

No matter what you’re constructing, you can’t disregard the cost. Furthermore, opening a business comes with a slew of extra costs that must be balanced. Shopify assists you by offering high-quality services at reasonable prices. You will pay a lesser monthly fee and receive more services in return compared to other platforms.

2. It allows you to design appealing storefronts.

Your shop must be aesthetically appealing. Because you won’t be able to contact your clients face to face, your online store will be the only thing you can show them to gain their loyalty. It not only provides a gorgeous and responsive layout, but it also allows you to pick from hundreds of themes that can be adjusted to your specifications, allowing you to create unique online businesses. Because Shopify is such a popular e-commerce platform, many organizations offer low-cost Shopify development services that you may take advantage of if you want expert assistance.

3. You do not need to be concerned about web hosting.

Web hosting might be a big pain if you’re just getting started with your internet business. However, with Shopify, you can be confident that your site’s servers are adequately maintained. Shopify pays for hosting, maintains the software, and assists you with payment processing, making your job a lot easier and more smooth.

4. You get marketing tools built-in.

A store owner is aware of the expenditures associated with product promotion. Shopify can also assist you in this area. It offers several built-in marketing capabilities to help startups save money. It allows you to customize your store by adding meta titles, page titles, meta descriptions, unique URLs, making pages visible and invisible, and redirecting pages as needed. Furthermore, Shopify is connected to the most prominent social media networks on the internet today, like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, where you may market your items.

5. They give excellent technical assistance.

When you manage an online shop, you may occasionally want technical assistance. Shopify has excellent technical support that you can rely on if your website goes down or other issues emerge. Shopify customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take your calls or respond to your live chats.

6. It is safe.

Even though it comes to mind after everything else, it is just as significant as the others. Shopify invests a significant amount of money in guaranteeing that its platform is safe and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

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