Stellar Photo Recovery: a full-featured premium software with a simple interface.

If you’ve used storage devices long enough, you’d be familiar with the sense of loss and sad feeling when you accidentally delete pictures or reformat your memory card. It feels worse when the damage occurs at the hands of another person, and you don’t know where to begin.

Few of us still print pictures or burn media files to disk. If the file is not saved to a hard drive or backed up on the cloud, then there is no way of getting it when you accidentally delete the file. At least that was the reality some years ago before the launch of photo recovery apps, like Stellar.

Today, accidentally deleting your files or reformatting your storage device doesn’t mean you’ll have a sulky day. The Stellar Photo Recovery software will save you wrinkles and heartache. According to the app maker’s, Stellar Photo recovery can recover deleted photos, videos, and audio files lost due to deletion, corruption, formatting, and virus from all types of storage media.

This claim is consistent with the customer reviews of the software on the internet; still, the team at Blogthetech wanted to look the app over with keen eyes and share the experience with our audience.

When it comes to photo recovery software, the functions are pretty similar and standard. You need an app that can help recover deleted files or files from a damaged storage device. Whether the storage device is hosted on your smartphone, laptop, hard drive, flash drive, or any device, a good photo recovery app should be able to recover files on it.

In addition, these excellent photo recovery apps are lightweight and fast. This was the yardstick with which we assessed the Stellar photo recovery app.

Stellar Photo Recovery Review


The installation process of the Stellar Photo Recovery app is standard. Visit Stellar to download the software to your device. The app runs on Windows and Mac, which covers most users around the world. However, it would be great if the software had versions for Linux OS, which is popular among developers.

We ran the app on a Windows OS. The installation was quick. You can launch the app to access the functions when the installation is complete.

Stellar Photo Recovery Review


The app’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. By default, the app shows the storage devices on the computer. In this case, the app will show the in-built memory on the dashboard. You can select the memory you want to scan for deleted files by clicking on it and choosing scan.

Stellar Photo Recovery Interface
Stellar Photo Recovery Interface


One of the main draws of the app is its scan speed. In my opinion, it is super fast. When I plugged in a flash drive for a test, the app read the read files in secs and showed a breakdown of the content, including deleted files. Surprisingly, I found files that I deleted months ago. I say surprisingly because they’ve not been rewritten, and the app was able to bring the files out.

Stellar Photo Recovery Scanning

The app allows you to preview the file you want to recover. This way, you can check if the content is intact or corrupt. That said, we were unable to preview the files even though the preview window was active. Perhaps, the file size is preventing the preview from loading.

However, one thing is clear; the preview mode slows down the app. For example, the recover button won’t respond to clicks until the preview copy has been loaded. From a responsiveness standpoint, you should consider disabling the preview option. That should improve the file load speed of your app.

To recover a file, you have to choose a destination folder to store the file. This folder will be the primary location of other recovered files.

Stellar Photo Recovery Advance Settings


You can tweak the app to function the way you want via the settings tab. Stellar comes with several settings that allow you to modify the app’s actions. You choose the file format to recover, update or resume recovery from the settings tab.


Stellar photo recovery app is as good as they come. The app offers a slew of functions to make data recovery easy and fun. If you’re not a professional technician, this may not be an everyday app, but it is definitely something to have available for emergencies. By emergencies, we mean accidentally deleting important files or formatting your device.

Organizations will benefit from installing a powerful Photo recovery software like Stellar.

Stellar photo recovery app is premium software, which explains why it is feature-rich. The app is available in different versions, including Stellar Photo Recovery standard, Stellar Photo Recovery Professional, and Stellar Photo Recovery Premium. The standard version costs $49.99, while the professional and premium versions are priced at $79.99 and $99.99, respectively.

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