The Best Free VPN Providers of 2024

The article highlights the best free VPN providers and their benefits, emphasizing the need for caution when choosing them due to potential limitations, privacy concerns, and reduced performance compared to paid options. It provides guidance on selecting the best free VPN providers.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a powerful tool for those looking to maintain their online privacy and security. It works by creating an encrypted connection between your device and the internet. This means all of your data will be transmitted over a secure line, rendering it inaccessible to snoopers or cyber criminals.

The Best Free VPN Providers: How to Choose the Right One

For those looking for the best free VPN providers, some of these free VPN providers can be quite attractive. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes the risk of not being protected as well as you would with a paid solution. Here are some things to consider before you download a VPN for a PC

Security: Free VPNs generally have weaker encryption protocols than their paid counterparts, leaving devices more vulnerable to attack if they’re compromised.

Many free VPNs don’t have strong security protocols, meaning that your data could be at risk of being stolen or intercepted. Look for ones that use robust encryption protocols, such as iTop VPN, which can better protect your data while using the internet.

Privacy: Most free VPNs don’t offer as strong of privacy protections as paid options do – they may keep logs of user activity or sell data to third parties in order to cover costs.

A good free VPN should not keep any logs of your activity while using it, so no one can track you even if they want to. Make sure you read through the logging policies provided in detail before deciding on a provider.

Speed: Another common issue with free solutions is reduced speeds due to the disproportionate load on their servers. This is especially true when compared with premium services that typically provide faster speeds due to their better infrastructure and higher bandwidth capacities.

Ideally, you want your free VPN to have high speeds that can keep up with your online activities. It’s best to choose one that has servers in multiple countries so you can quickly switch locations and access content from anywhere in the world.

Top 3 Best Free VPN Providers of 2024

With the ever-increasing need for privacy and security online, it is no wonder that people are turning to VPNs more than ever. In this section, we will explore the top best free VPN providers of 2024. 

We’ll look at what makes each one of them great and why you should choose them over other providers. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of which VPN is right for you in 2024.

iTop VPN Free

iTop VPN is the leading VPN location changer that facilitates its users with various features to change their location with simple functionality for people of all ages and professions. 

This powerful tool provides much more than just the ability to change one’s location and is known for its multi-functionality, user-friendliness, and fast performance.


Fast VPN With No Lag & Low Ping

When users choose to use the iTop VPN, they can look forward to a high-speed connection with no lag or low ping. It has dedicated servers for optimized streaming and gaming, which also offers unlimited data and bandwidth. 

Furthermore, it also has a buy now feature, so users can purchase the subscription according to their requirements.

Private & Secure Browsing

iTop VPN masks your IP address along with encrypting your data so you remain anonymous while browsing the internet without worrying about being traced. 

Additionally, it also helps gain access to restricted content that may be blocked in certain countries due to government censorship. 


It is designed in such an advanced way that it strengthens your system privacy by auto-detecting malware, browser cleaning, and blocking ads, as well as other harmful programs when changing your location.


  • Free servers are stable
  • Fast-speed connection with no lag or low ping.
  • Dedicated streaming & gaming servers.
  • Unrestricted access to geo-restricted content.
  • The masked IP address for secure browsing.
  • Auto-detection of malware & browser cleaning feature.


  • Not available for Linux devices.

Atlas VPN Free


The second on our list of the best free VPN providers is Atlas VPN. Protect your online privacy with Atlas VPN. A no-logs policy, AES encryption, and a dependable kill button are all standard features. There are only two viable tunneling protocols to choose from (the industry standard WireGuard and the more modern IKEv2).

Atlas VPN, however, has more development potential. Instead of relying solely on RAM-based servers, the supplier stores all data on encrypted hard drives. Moreover, only security tests for the iOS app have been independently reviewed; their no-logs policy has not.

In fact, Nord Security, the parent company of industry front-runner NordVPN, recently bought Atlas VPN. Atlas VPN’s customers, therefore, anticipate the same high level of protection offered by NordVPN.


  • Most streaming services are unblocked.
  • Has a built-in filtering system for the Internet.
  • The WireGuard® Protocol.
  • Help from real-time humans.
  • Login using two-factor authentication (and use it for free for 30 days).


  • Located in the United States.
  • Few servers are in use.

TunnelBear Free


If you’re looking for a VPN service, TunnelBear is about average. Despite being filled with adorable bear images, this VPN doesn’t stack up well against the competition.

While you can trust TunnelBear to keep your data safe online, the service has trouble unblocking Netflix, the company’s history with torrenting is unclear, and the measured speeds leave you unsatisfied.

The good news is that this third guy on our list of the best free VPN providers, the TunnelBear, serves its purpose well as a trial edition, as it doesn’t provide enough data to last more than a day.

There are various VPN services that are competitively priced with TunnelBear, and they’re all superior.


  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Complete security inspections once a year.
  • Enhanced WireGuard-powered Windows performance.


  • Lacking in features.
  • WireGuard isn’t available for Macs or mobile devices.


After carefully considering all the factors and available options, we can say that iTop VPN is one of the best free VPN providers of 2024. It boasts high speeds, excellent security protocols, a stringent no-logging policy, a great reputation among users, and additional features like unlimited bandwidth and dedicated IP addresses. 

All of this ensures optimal levels of privacy and security for you when using the internet – making iTop VPN a clear choice if you’re looking for the best free VPN providers of 2024.

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