Timeless Promotional Materials Every Business Should Use

Owning a business is a matter of pride and joy. You want to treat your business like your baby because it takes a long time and a lot of effort to get it off the ground. Knowing that your business is valuable to you and your family, you need to let people know, too.
Custom promotional items are the quickest way to get your business on people’s minds. Here’s a list of promotional materials you can use to drum up interest and start making more sales.

Foam boards

You may not know what these are, but you’ve likely seen them before. These boards are a semi-thick piece of material that can be printed on to provide information. They are used for conferences, seminars, conventions, art galleries, and businesses. You can take advantage of foam board printing for your business and help customers see high-quality, legible ads outside your business. Even putting them inside can provide some good material for information about your business with quality prints on them.

Neon signs

Neon is a noble gas that can be contained in tubes and illuminated. This is helpful for any business to attract attention. These signs have been in use for decades now and show no sign of stopping anytime soon. Because of their high visibility and distinct colors, these types of signs indicate that the simplest technique of catching the eye by being so hard to miss is still very much a solid strategy – one you can use, too.


Every business should have posters. The reason is that they are cheap to produce, easy to make, can contain a lot of information, and can be placed anywhere around your city. Posters help provide a clear and concise graphic with legible information that’s able to be conveyed on bus shelters to lamp posts.


Using the Internet is for more than just entertainment, and businesses know how valuable the need for video content is. The videos you can make to highlight your business include employee profiles, business virtual tours, new product reviews, weekly interview series, etc. There’s so much potential for online content, and videos are a must now for promotional materials. 


Coupons don’t promote a business in the traditional way of telling people about your products. What they do is get people excited to spend money because they are getting a deal. Coupons allow customers to feel more inclined to spend money at your establishment because they are getting a deal. It’s also a good way to spread the word of mouth as everyone is always looking for a deal. Beyond coupons, you can make a monthly promotional deal to drum up anticipated support for slow weeks to help get more people through the door.
Using promotional materials for your business is a must to garner the attention you need to boost revenue. There are many ways to market a business that it can be hard to think of what you definitively need. This list includes five of the ones that any business should use to help boost awareness.

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