Top 5 Apps to Clone a Phone

Cloning of a phone means a spitting image of the phone. You can produce the facsimile of your phone by using the different software’s available online.

For maintaining the reserves of your data on the mobile phone you have to choose the software very carefully. 

Another reason for producing a replication of someone else phone is to spy on that person without letting that person know, you can read the text messages, produce a carbon copy of sim card and phone number, and for this, you don’t have to physically touch the device.

Many types of software are available but you have to be careful while choosing any software which can produce a copy of someone’s phone. In this article, you will find out the different applications you can use to form the clone of the phone without exposing your true identity.

  1. Cocospy

Cocospy is the most used app to clone a phone without touching the device. It provides the near to the original copy of the phone’s data while maintaining secrecy.

If the device you want to clone is the android device you have to make sure to install the Cocospy app in the target device and after that, you can use the Cocospy dashboard to examine the copy of that device.

If you want to keep it hidden, you can hide the app and there will be no search history. The app is specially designed to take small space and works in the background without draining the phone’s battery.

If the target device is an iPhone, it is much simple to do cloning because you don’t have to install the app in the device. The replica of the phone is created by using the data from the iCloud server.

It will consume a few minutes to enter the iCloud credentials and merge the data into the Cocospy account where you can see the clone of that iPhone.

cocospy for phone
cocospy for phone

What features can Cocospy clone for you?

You can see all the data of a device on the Cocospy dashboard by using Cocospy online from any web browser you use. It provides you a copy of all the messages, searches history, and location history.

Social media is the mirror image of someone’s life. With Cocospy you can get the information from the social media accounts including the text messages, the pictures shared on the timelines, and the profile of the added people.

Along with that Cocospy can produce the replica of the recent call history so you will be able to find out the different people calling and the top five callers who most frequently call on this number. 

How to clone a phone with Cocospy?

cocospy homepage
cocospy homepage

For making a facsimile of a phone there is no need to worry about the extensive setup and modern cloning technology. Cocospy is the software that is designed to do all the work for you with just a few clicks.

Step 1:

For making a copy of the phone you have to buy the subscription for the plan you want to use. First, sign up for the account by providing the email address and the password, and click on the option of sign up now. You can sign up for the account by going to

Step 2:

The next step is to specify the device you want to clone. It can be android or the iPhone, you have to provide a few specifications of the device and the user.

Step 3:

If the device is iPhone you can easily make a copy of its internal data by entering the iCloud credentials of the device and after a few minutes the device will get merged with the account.

cocospy verify icloud mobile
cocospy verify iCloud mobile

If the device is android you have to install the app in the device you want to clone and after that, you can hide it to maintain the privacy. After finishing the whole process just click on the start option.

Step 4:

After step 3 a Cocospy dashboard will appear with a selection panel on the left side. You can use any of the options here to see the replica of the data stored in that feature of the original device.

You can click on the social media accounts to see the different social media accounts information and along with that call history, last visited locations, and the upcoming important dates marked on the calendar.

cocospy dashboard
cocospy dashboard
  1. Spyier:

Spyier is the software you can use to produce the carbon copy of the mobile phone. It provides you the photocopy of all the accounts and the applications installed in the target device.

Spyier is used by many people all around the world because it is economical mean and will not require you to do much work. You can do the seemingly complicated process by pressing a few buttons and giving some directions.

About Spyier
About Spyier
  1. Minspy:

Minspy is the software you can use without any hesitation. It is similar to Cocospy. It provides you the advanced features and keeps this process hidden so if you want to clone your children’s phone, Minspy is the best option.

Children are always one step ahead of the parents when it comes to technology, so you have to use that app that can cope with all the challenges presented by the tech-genius teenagers. It keeps your identity hidden and works in such a way that your child will never find out about the cloning process.

Minspy Spy App
Minspy Spy App
  1. Spyine:

This is the software you can use without worrying about the legal proceedings is the spyine. It provides you the services you want from any cloning app; at the same time, there is no legal problem associated with its use. If the phone you want to clone is provided by your company to the employees, spyine is going to be your trustworthy companion.

Spyine Spy App
Spyine Spy App
  1. Spyic:

Spyic is the fifth most widely used application for cloning the phone. It may take some time to install the app in android but it works for you from any platform. There is no need to install any app in your device, just log into your account from any web browser.

install the Spyic spying software
install the Spyic spying software


Now you know the top five applications you can use for making the exact replication of the phone. You can use them without revealing your identity and getting yourself into trouble. Our number one recommendation is Cocospy which can hack all the data except sim number. It is economical and a team of representatives is always available online to solve your queries.

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