6 Useful Tools and Apps for Students

Students are expected to be ready for lectures and study groups, as well as find time to eat and do laundry, as well as possibly develop a “social life” and sleep on occasion. But, how do you find time to study with everything going on? And how can this be accomplished most effectively? Students usually ask these questions and end up with assignment services.

Today’s students who need a little extra assistance to deal with the rigors of student life in this technological age can take advantage of many readily available studying apps. As interactive content receives double engagement as compared to static content, mobile phones are the source of engagement (Hardy & Dias, 2021). Books, paper, and pens are no longer necessary.

Online tools and studying apps are easily accessible through a variety of product websites and can help students succeed in college and beyond. These days, there’s an app for almost everything, which can make living as a student simpler, more affordable, safer, and more enjoyable.

Whether you need assistance taking notes, revising, getting up on time, staying fit, or you want business assignment help. You can use these tools to manage your time, concentrate on what matters, and take breaks as needed. This sector goes through new ways of delivering knowledge that is easy to grasp (thedissertationhelp, 2022).

Continue reading for our picks on 6 useful tools and apps for students.

  1. Apps for lecture capture

Just a few years ago, students were required to spend the entire lecture taking copious notes on notepads in order to retain all the important information. Lecture capture mobile applications are now a reality thanks to advances in technology.

Although recording lectures has been a common practice in universities for some time. Lecture capture apps enable you to record and listen to classes without the need for expensive recording equipment.

Integrating simultaneous interpretation equipment systems into your setup allows for the seamless interpretation of lectures in multiple languages.

You can record an entire class in both audio and visual formats using the well-liked lecture capture app SoundNote (iOS), which also serves as a notepad. Office Lens, on the other hand, enables users to take a picture of a whiteboard, translate it to a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file, and then store the entire thing in Onedrive or Onenote for review and catch-up.

Other high-quality lecture capture apps besides SoundNote include Notes Plus (iOS) and Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (iOS).

  1. Apps for revising

The popularity of revision apps in the twenty-first century suggests that technology has done something we never imagined was possible: it has made studying enjoyable. If you like flashcards, you might want to check out StudyBlue, a student app that uses your subject information to generate a variety of card arrays for related revision. You can also create your own flashcards and put them to the test.

GoConqr is a useful app for creating revision charts, visualizations, flashcards, notes, and quizzes. It also allows users to connect and work with other friends, classmates, or students from all over the world. Exam Countdown (iOS) is another option that keeps the countdown of days until each one of your exams.

  1. Apps for exam preparation 

There are student apps for exams such as MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, and GRE, which are used as an aspect of the admissions policy by many graduate schools. Users of BenchPrep can connect with other test-takers and browse revision materials with quizzes, notes, and more using social networking-style functionality. The app allows you to keep tabs on your academic development.

Another exam-prep app is TCY Exam Prep (Android), which is targeted at American and Indian business students. It provides study materials for MBA/CAT exams, GRE, GATE, and bank exams.

  1. Apps for video calls

The majority of students are already familiar with video calling programs like Skype and FaceTime, and as computer manufacturers incorporate high-quality cameras into their brands and internet access speeds increase, this system is becoming even more accessible. As technology advances, so do the available versions on smaller devices.

FaceTime on iPhones has been made as simple as making a phone call, and Skyping on tablets makes it really well possible to prepare dinner, browse the web, or write a text message while speaking to your parents at home. Imo and Tango are two other video call apps.

  1. Apps for student’s safety

A number of apps promoting personal safety for students, both on and off campus, have been developed. These student apps aid in keeping users safe when they are out late at night. The Circle of Six app was created for university students to stay in touch with close friends, and it is available for both Android and iOS.

The app enables users to instantly call for help to their circle of six classmates at the click of a button and is particularly helpful for finding lost a friend on nights out. Your location will be marked by the GPS tracker on your friends’ devices so that you can always locate one another in an emergency. Other student safety apps React Mobile include and bSafe.

  1. Apps for student’s fitness 

For those who find jogging boring, the app Zombies, Run! is a playful (and hilarious) way to motivate yourself while jogging. The app alternates between your own playlist and being such featuring a zombie apocalypse in which you must survive getting infected. Yes, it’s terrifying, but as a high-intensity workout, it’s hard to beat.

Other fitness apps to keep your workout routine zombie-free include   JeFit, RunKeeper, Nike Training Club (iOS), Sworkit, Fitbit (iOS), Strava, 7 Minute Workout, and MapMyFitness. Nudge is yet another app that gathers and stores all of your fitness-related data if you decide to purchase them all. As a result, you can monitor your diet, exercise, hydration, and sleep without having to check the updates from each app.


There is no denying that there are numerous undeniable benefits to being a student in the twenty-first century, including having access to some cutting-edge tools and apps to help with note-taking, scheduling, and other factors of student life.

We’ve highlighted these 6 useful tools and apps for students, from the best note-taking apps to those that can help you stay focused and save money. Start searching, downloading, and getting ready to make the most of your smartphone.

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