Virtual Birthday Party For Your Toddler Amidst The Social Distancing?

Explaining the current pandemic and need for social distancing to kids is hard enough. But telling them that they can’t celebrate their birthday or that their birthday party is canceled is even more heartbreaking. 

Several parents are struggling to find ways and make it unique for their toddlers on their birthday now that we’re all quarantined and away from our family and friends.

How About A Virtual Birthday Party, Then?

A virtual birthday party is something you can consider, rather than not celebrating your toddler’s birthday. Unlike video chatting or just FaceTiming friends where they can wish your kid a happy birthday, virtual birthday parties go beyond that.

Right from making creative invitations to be sent to the guests, to making the virtual birthday party a success for your toddler, it requires a lot of planning and hard work. Given below are some tips for making exciting birthday video invites and organizing the party in a fun way.

How to Make Birthday Video Invitation Card in 3 Easy Steps

Here is how you can make a fun video invitation card for the guests in a few simple steps-

  • Choose the Invitation Template

Pick from a massive collection of templates available online, some includes AI Text-to-Video where you can just edit event info and export them for your toddler’s fun birthday party invitation. 

If you wish to be super creative and want an entirely custom-designed video based on mickey theme, the Mickey Mouse invitation maker is an excellent option that you can explore. There are many other themes available as well, and you can choose your child’s favorite.

  • Make it special

To make it more special for your kid, drag and drop your photos, music, and videos to promo video maker software free download or choose from a massive collection of enticing visuals and tracks available online. You can then preview it and make changes if required.

  • Start Sending the Invites

Once you’re satisfied with the video invite you made, customize it and download it to your computer. You also have the option of directly exporting it to platforms like YouTube and sharing the invite video link to your guests.

Different Tips for Hosting a Virtual Birthday Party for Toddlers

Hosting a Virtual Birthday Party for Toddlers

With the tips below, you can organize a great birthday party for your kids and bring some much-needed cheer to their lives.

  • Make a Guest List

Start by planning a guest list where you need to consider the age and needs of all your guests. For toddlers and preschoolers specifically, it is best to limit it to a few close friends to make it more manageable. Think of 3-4 friends your child knows well.

  • Send an Invite

Ensure the guests that the party is still on by sending them an invite you made. Like a regular birthday party, including all the details such as time, platform, and login details in the invite you share with them.

  • Put up the decorations

While you can create a birthday party feels with an online background, nothing can beat the real-deal decorations. Make use of banners, streamers, balloons, and other such stuff to create a bright and cheerful environment that can lift the spirits of your kid and his/her little friends at the online party.

  • Pick a Theme

A virtual birthday party shouldn’t be all that different from a real-life party. Your little guests will surely appreciate an exciting party theme such as mickey mouse or superheroes that you will choose for them to enjoy. 

To prepare in advance, let the guests in on the theme and ask them to set their online backgrounds accordingly. You can also ask them to dress as per the theme or send similar ideas beforehand.

  • Keep it Short and Simple

Long virtual parties can easily bore the kids so time it correctly. Thirty minutes should be enough for an enjoyable online party for kids. If you drag it beyond that, the kids will be distracted, and there are increased chances of meltdowns. The essential thing is to keep it brief and entertaining as toddlers and younger children will be in front of a computer.

  • Have a proper structure

Making a virtual party successful is pretty challenging. To make it a real success online, it is essential to put in some structure with a proper beginning, middle, and end. 

  1. Start your virtual kids’ party by giving your birthday boy or girl the chance to welcome guests.
  2. Adults should take over then and let the guests know what they can expect at the party.
  3. Make sure to introduce each child so they can quickly turn on the camera and deliver a birthday message face-to-face to his/her friend.
  4. Announce quick party games to have a sense of normalcy at the party. You can keep it simple with games like flashcard naming games, charades, or virtual painting together.
  5. Quickly move on to the main event of cake cutting. Guests can celebrate with any snacks they have on hand just to enjoy it all together.
  6. Thank everyone for joining in and take a photo of the virtual party with guests. You can take a screenshot or record the screen in your video settings.

Do not forget to account for troubleshooting issues in real-time, as they can get complicated when you are working over a computer.

Make This Birthday Special For Your Toddler

While your kid may not be free to meet and have fun with his/her friends this birthday physically, you can still make sure that they celebrate this special day together even when apart.

Virtual birthday parties can (and should) be as exclusive as the regular ones, where kids are seated directly next to their friends. With online birthday invitation makers, you can ensure to bring a smile to your toddler’s face and make sure that they celebrate with friends and family over FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever platform you choose to celebrate.

There are enough ways to make a birthday feel special, and virtual birthday parties, if planned and executed well, ensure that the cheerful birthday vibes are felt by all your little guests, even when they are far away.

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