What Does the Amazon Seller App Do?

If you’re looking to sell anything online, you know that Amazon is the place to be. As an individual Amazon seller app, you have access to millions of online customers who know and trust this giant of the eCommerce world. From clothes, jewelry, books, and toys, it’s hard to think of something you couldn’t find on Amazon. This is why so many customers, and sellers, choose this digital marketplace for their e-commerce needs. 

To help individual sellers optimize their stores, the Amazon seller app was designed to bring data and knowledge to anyone who wants to sell products through Amazon. Additionally, there are specialized apps that can help you track sales, assess inventory, and learn from your competitors online. Here, we take a closer look at selling on the Amazon marketplace and the benefits of using the Amazon seller app (and other online seller tools) to maximize your sales and profits and land your products in the buy box. 


For any individual seller on Amazon, the Amazon seller app is definitely worth checking out. This easy-to-use application helps individual sellers optimize their stores and maximize profits by accessing data and managing their store and products while on the go. 


In short, quite a lot. The Amazon seller app helps you manage and optimize your Amazon store all with just one, easy-to-use application. It’s easy (and free) to download the Amazon seller app to your smartphone. Here’s a quick look into what the Amazon seller app can do for you and your online store:

  • Analyze and track sales.
  • Manage your orders.
  • Manage your inventory and immediately update prices.
  • Take high-quality product photos (and edit them, too).
  • Access sponsored products.
  • Create new offers on existing products in your inventory.
  • Find new products to sell.
  • Respond to customer messages and feedback.
  • Manage and track returns. 


In addition to using the Amazon seller app, many individual sellers also use digital tools and software designed to further optimize your Amazon store. Essentially, these tools provide control, visibility, and accountability over your Amazon store so you can maximize your sales. If you’re looking to take the next step in the Amazon marketplace, these tools are invaluable. To learn more about this type of software, here are just a few advantages of using an Amazon seller tool like Seller Mobile: 

1. Profits analytics. 

You started your Amazon store to make profits, right? Keep track of your profits, monitor sales, and receive profit calculations by using an advanced Amazon seller app tool. Managing different fees, shipping costs, storage costs, and PPC spending can be tricky as your store grows. Track all your costs and profits with one platform by using an Amazon seller tool.

2. Inventory. 

As your online store grows larger, it becomes more of a challenge to effectively (and efficiently) keep track of your inventory. There’s also nothing that can damage an Amazon store reputation like inventory issues. Amazon seller tools and apps make it easier to track and optimize your stock levels across multiple warehouses and sales channels. This works perfectly for stores using Amazon’s FBA service.

3. Restock and purchase orders.

There’s no easier way to lose customers and sales than by having their favorite products out of stock. Amazon seller tools can help you ensure this never happens by tracking Amazon FBA shipments and efficiently restocking your inventory (which also helps cut down on storage fees). You can even generate purchase orders based on your new detailed restocking schedule.

4. Feedback automation.

These tools make it easy to track and respond to seller feedback and product reviews with feedback automation. Sell more on your Amazon store by fine-tuning your email campaigns to address individual customers. Positive feedback is one of the most effective ways to boost your online ranking, reach more customers, and land your products in that valuable buy box.

5. Automated repricer.

For an Amazon seller, low costs and competition are truly a double-edged sword. While these factors draw in more online shoppers, they also make it more difficult to beat out other sellers. With an automated repricer tool, it’s easier to outshine your competition by offering the most competitive prices on your products. Flexible pricing strategies and automation will keep your store competitive in this gigantic online marketplace.

6. Competitor analysis.

With over 2.5 million individual sellers on the Amazon marketplace, competition is always going to be tough. However, Amazon seller tools can help you edge out your competition by comparing your product listings with competitors using key performance metrics and analytics. They can even detect hijacking threats that will ensure your brand is protected. 


If you’re looking to optimize your Amazon store and sell more products than ever, you definitely need to be using the Amazon seller app. This application allows you to manage your Amazon business by analyzing sales, fulfilling orders, and discovering new, hot products to sell. 

The Amazon seller app even allows you to respond to customer questions in an instant, ensuring customer satisfaction. This is especially important when you consider how important info high-quality customer reviews can be when making your store visible to more potential customers. 

With the Amazon seller app, you’ll have complete control over your online store—which means you won’t need to hop on the Amazon online chat support every time you have a question or if something goes wrong. To further optimize your Amazon store, consider using advanced Amazon tools to help you manage your store and analyze every level of data. By combining this software with the Amazon seller mobile app, you’ll have more control of your Amazon store (and most likely more sales) than ever before. 

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