What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is a powerful framework built for PHP coders with a very small footprint. Developers can create a full-featured web application using a simple and elegant toolkit of Codeigniter. Developers dealing with real-life clients on shared hosting accounts and with deadlines can use Codeigniter to reduce their workload.

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Best features of Codeigniter:

  • Easy to work:

Codeigniter framework has a really easy interface that even a novice can efficiently work on without any support. Users can easily expand the CodeIgniter framework in more reliable ways. In the future, developers can create new libraries in Codeigniter framework to change its features and make it do a new task. Developers are easily able to understand CodeIgniter coding as compared to other frameworks. Also, it is very easy to add and remove information through the Codeigniter database.

  • Free to use

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the only entity that allows developers to use open-source software with minimum restrictions. Codeigniter is also licensed under MIT hence it is entirely free to use. Anyone who is a novice in PHP can use Codeigniter to develop a web application.

  • Light weight

CodeIgniter core system needs a small library for basic coding, hence it is extremely lightweight. Furthermore, users can add more dynamic libraries to the system as per their needs and requirement. The system will make the implementation of coding fast and efficient.

  • Can be use to Generate SEO friendly URLs

CodeIgniter PHP development framework can generate clean, tidy, and search-engine-friendly URLs. Instead of following the stereotypes, it takes advantage of the segment-based approach. CodeIgniter provides enough flexibility to net developers. It provides them the advantage of presenting their web content in an advanced method. It permits users to convert their traditional URLs into SEO-friendly URLs.

  • Built-in libraries

Codeigniter framework comes with multiple built-in libraries. You can use these libraries to perform all the web-based tasks like ceasing databases, validating online forms, sending emails, manipulating images, and many others. 

  • Clear documentation

It is very easy to code with PHP on the CodeIgniter framework. Due to the clear documentation feature of Codeigniter, it consistently outperforms most of its competitors. Also, we can say that Codeigniter is a better framework to work with PHP than any other framework with similar features. 

  • Exceptional performance

CodeIgniter is a reliable framework that works with PHP to develop an unmatchable web application. Also, applications developed on the CodeIgniter framework gives an exceptional performance at the user end. So, if you are thinking of choosing any other framework instead of CodeIgniter then you must be aware of the outcomes. It might be possible that the application starts to lag after a time or doesn’t give an efficient performance at the customer end. 

  • Highly secure

There are so many inbuilt security tools in the Codeigniter framework to protect the confidentiality of users while using web applications. There must be XSS Filtering, CSRF protection, Password handling, and validation to secure the web application.

  • Optimum error handling capability

CodeIgniter framework is widely used in the development of web applications. As these applications are designed by human developers hence the chance of error eventually increases during the process. If you want your web application to be error-free then choose Codeigniter fits the best for it. It detects the error functions and informs the developer about them. 

  • 24*7 Support available

CodeIgniter developers are agile and best at delivering projects on time. Also, they provide after-development services to the clients. If you are facing an issue with your web application designed using CodeIgniter then you can contact the support team for help. They will listen to your query and provide appropriate resolution all the time. 

Disadvantages of CodeIgniter

Apart from the advantages. There are few disadvantages of CodeIgniter for which some developers avoid using this framework. 

  • It is a PHP based framework

Only a PHP developer can work on the CodeIgniter framework. So, the scope of CodeIgniterstays is limited to PHP developers. 

  • Predefined database migrations is restricted

CodeIgniter does not allow the developer to define the database migration at the time of coding or designing. Also, Do not provide you the facility of 

  • Beneficial for large business: 

If we look at the current market scope, the small-scale businesses are more prevailing than the large ones. Hence we need a framework that can fulfill the requirement of small-scale businesses. However, CodeIgniter app development is a company-driven framework and can only benefit lar business.

I hope that the above-mentioned information is sufficient for selecting a suitable framework for app development. Moreover, if you are searching for the best Codeigniter Web Development Company then you can contact Adequate inforsoft for the latest quotes on Codeigniter app development. 

Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim

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